Nemo’s Found Us! Winter Storm Engulfs East Coast

Finding Nemo Winter Storm Image

In trying to keep up with the National Weather service, which personifies large tropical storms and hurricanes, the Weather Channel decided to start naming blizzards this October. The new practice first brought us to Athena and Caesar, then Freyr, Iago, and Kahn — and eyebrows raised higher with the introduction of each new antiquated name. But Thursday evening, as warnings of a snowstorm heading towards the East Coast intensified, we became acquainted with the strangest moniker yet: Nemo.

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Okay, so it’s not the most ferocious name. It ranks somewhere near Percy on the threatening name spectrum. But hey! Maybe that’s a good thing! Instead of cowering near the fireplace as Nemo gains momentum and we steadily run out of wood, we can instead curl up under a Snuggie and observe everyone’s favorite clownfish.  

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