Five Reasons We Love Betty White

betty whiteI don’t think there’s a single person out there who doesn’t love Betty White. Her outlandish humor and vivacious personality has made her not only beloved by her adoring fans, but by her Hollywood peers as well. And throughout the years, her popularity only continues to grow both on and off-screen. There’s no such thing as too much Betty White, so in honor of her 90th birthday today, we’re honoring the actress with five reasons we love her oh-so much. And believe me, there are more than just five reasons, but we thought the full list would be a bit much. So here’s to Betty — captivating the world for 90 years (and beyond!). We look forward to the future memorable moments and comedic characters you undoubtedly have in store for us.

Happy Birthday, Betty!

1. She America’s Favorite Golden Girl

White played the role of Rose Nylund on the hit sitcom, The Golden Girls, from 1985-1992. Full of child-like innocence and a ditzy demeanor, her character quickly became the lovable grandmother we all wish we had. Her kooky behavior and naïve nature was always good for a laugh (not to mention that rather active sex life of hers). Sure, she could be infuriating at times, but she always managed to be warm and wise in her own unique way. True fans of the show would know, it just would not have been the same without her.

2. She’ll Tackle Almost Anything

Snickers – Betty White Plays Football

Get More: Snickers – Betty White Plays Football

During the 2010 Super Bowl XLIV, White appeared as a football player in an ad for Snickers. Now, I’m not a big sports fan, but this commercial alone was well worth the hours of rough-housingI was forced to endure. Watching White tackle a huge football player was nothing short of comedy gold — and the country seemed to agree. The ad won the USA Today Super Bowl Ad Meter’s top spot placement and proved that White was solid in pretty much every demographic, ever. If you haven’t seen this this little gem already, you’ve seriously been missing out.

3. She’s A Dance Machine

Garbed in Native American apparel, White teams up with Sandra Bullock in The Proposal to produce a Lil’ Jon-inspired chant to the universe and it was awesome. Ever wonder what it would look like to see an elderly woman Get Low? Well, you get your answer thanks to this little scene…at least until a confused Ryan Reynolds appears and breaks up the little chanting session. But you haven’t heard a song properly until it has been sung by the lovely Betty White. And that’s not even mentioning her killer dance moves. Night clubs, beware!

4. She’s A Wonderful Host

White’s popularity reached such extreme heights that it prompted a Facebook campaign to get White signed on to host Saturday Night Live. And that crywas not ignored. Sure enough, in May 2010, White appeared as the SNL host and she didn’t disappoint. Not only did her appearance deliver a ratings boost, White also made a memorable character out of Florence Dusty, a pastry cook whose speciality was muffins. I know what you’re thinking: “Is there anything Betty can’t do?” And the answer is “No, there isn’t.”

5. She Knows Her Hip Hop

If you’re like me, I had no idea who Luciana Caporaso was — that is, until she featured our dear Betty in a video for her 2011 song “I’m Still Hot.” Now, it’s just a digital single that promotes a life settlement program (“The Lifeline Program”), but who doesn’t want to hear an auto-tuned Betty White rapping things like: “I’m Betty from the block, I love my Emmys and my beatbox?” As long as Betty’s involved, it can never go wrong. Why? Because she’s STILL HOT!