Forbidden Fashion: 13 Terrible Trends We Want to Banish Before 2013


Jennifer Lopez, 2012 Trends

It’s almost time to bid adieu to 2012 and with it, we’re hoping, a few less-than-flattering fashion trends. 

New Year’s resolutions generally mean eating healthy, getting to the gym, and drinking less coffee so as to curb those afternoon caffeine jitters, but this year, we’re asking to extend the tradition to fashion. 
From a neon overload (we’re looking at you, Jennifer Lopez and Katy Perry), to the inexplicable resurgence of paisley print (yes, actually), to the fact that harem pants survived from 2011 to make a comeback in 2012, the list of fashion wrongs is long… and ugly. 
Take our advice, trendsters. Put these fashion missteps in the past. Unfortunately for celebs, however, their enslavement to even the worst trends is well-documented in red carpet and paparazzi photos. At least we have images to say good bye to.
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[Photo Credit: Fox/Getty Images]