Forrest Lewis

Born: 11/05/1899


Actor (15)

Red Line 7000 1965 (Movie)


Man's Favorite Sport? 1964 (Movie)

Skaggs (Actor)

Son of Flubber 1962 (Movie)

Officer Kelly (Actor)

Tammy and the Doctor 1962 (Movie)

Dr Crandall (Actor)

Posse From Hell 1961 (Movie)

Dr Welles (Actor)

The Absent-Minded Professor 1961 (Movie)

Officer Kelly (Actor)

The Shaggy Dog 1959 (Movie)

Officer Kelly (Actor)

Man in the Shadow 1957 (Movie)

Jake Kelley (Actor)

The Spoilers 1955 (Movie)

Banty (Actor)

Apache Ambush 1954 (Movie)


Escape From Fort Bravo 1953 (Movie)

Dr Miller (Actor)

Take Me to Town 1953 (Movie)

Ed Higgins (Actor)

Gun Fury 1952 (Movie)


The Clown 1952 (Movie)

Pawnbroker (Actor)

It Grows on Trees (Movie)

Dr. Harold Burrows (Actor)