Francis Ford

Director, Actor, Screenwriter
Francis Ford was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Ford's earliest roles were in film, including "Custer's Last Fight" (1913), "Lucille Love, Girl of Mystery" (1914) and "The Mystery of 13" (1920). He ... Read more »
Born: 08/14/1881 in Portland, Maine, USA


Actor (68)

The Lawless Breed 1952 (Movie)

Old timer (Actor)

Wagonmaster 1950 (Movie)

Mr. Peachtree (Actor)

Fort Apache 1948 (Movie)


My Darling Clementine 1946 (Movie)


Hangover Square 1945 (Movie)

Ogilby - Fulham Antique Dealer (Actor)

The Ox-Bow Incident 1942 (Movie)

Halva Harvey (Actor)

Stagecoach 1939 (Movie)

Sgt. Billy Pickett (Actor)

Drums Along the Mohawk 1938 (Movie)

Joe Boleo (Actor)

Young Mr. Lincoln 1938 (Movie)


The Informer 1934 (Movie)

"Judge" Flynn (Actor)

The Man From Monterey 1932 (Movie)


Uncle Tom's Cabin 1926 (Movie)


A Free Soul (Movie)

Skidrow Drunk (Actor)

Abraham Lincoln (Movie)

Sheridan's Aide (Actor)

Air Mail (Movie)

Passenger (Actor)

Charlie Chan at the Circus (Movie)

Gaines (Actor)

Charlie Chan's Courage (Movie)

Hewitt (Actor)

Charlie Chan's Greatest Case (Movie)

Capt. Hallett (Actor)

Charlie Chan's Secret (Movie)

Boat Captain (Actor)

Checkers (Movie)

Daniel Snodgrass (Actor)

Colorado Sunset (Movie)

drunk (Actor)

Doctor Bull (Movie)


Educating Father (Movie)

Sheriff Hart (Actor)

Eyes of Texas (Movie)

Thaddeus Cameron (Actor)

Father Makes Good (Movie)


Girls in Chains (Movie)

Jury Foreman (Actor)

Goin' to Town (Movie)

Sheriff (Actor)

Gun Justice (Movie)

Denver (Actor)

Home in Indiana (Movie)

Ed (Actor)

Incendiary Blonde (Movie)

Ranch owner (Actor)

Jitterbugs (Movie)

Old-timer/Shill in League with Con Man Bailey (Actor)

Judge Priest (Movie)

Juror No. 12 (Actor)

Kentucky Moonshine (Movie)

Grandpa Hatfield (Actor)

King of the Mounties (Movie)

Collins (Actor)

Last of the Duanes (Movie)

Luke Stevens (Actor)

Lucille Love: The Girl of Mystery (Movie)

Hugo Loubeque (Actor)

Pilgrimage (Movie)

Elmer (Actor)

Rider of Death Valley (Movie)

Gabe Dillon (Actor)

Roman Scandals (Movie)

Citizen (Actor)

Slave Ship (Movie)

Scraps (Actor)

Soft Shoes (Movie)

Quig Mundy (Actor)

Sons of the Saddle (Movie)

Red Slade (Actor)

South of Pago Pago (Movie)

Foster (Actor)

State Fair (Movie)

Mr. Martin (Actor)

Steamboat Round the Bend (Movie)

Efe (Actor)

Taming of the West (Movie)

Frosty Miller (Actor)

The Arizonian (Movie)

Mayor Ed Comstock (Actor)

The Big Noise (Movie)

Station Attendant (Actor)

The Black Watch (Movie)

Major MacGregor (Actor)

The Far Frontier (Movie)

Alf Sharper (Actor)

The Girl of the Golden West (Movie)

Miner (Actor)

The Invaders (Movie)

Colonel James Bryson (Actor)

The Loves of Edgar Allan Poe (Movie)

Tavern Keeper (Actor)

The Marshal's Daughter (Movie)

Gramps (Actor)

The Plough and the Stars (Movie)


The Prisoner of Shark Island (Movie)

Corporal O'Toole (Actor)

The Road Back (Movie)

Street Cleaner (Actor)

The Sun Shines Bright (Movie)

Feeney (Actor)

The Texans (Movie)

Uncle Dud (Actor)

The Toughest Man in Arizona (Movie)

Hanchette (Actor)

The World Moves On (Movie)

Legionnaire (Actor)

Tobacco Road (Movie)

Vagabond (Actor)

Unconquered (Movie)


Upstream (Movie)

Juggler (Actor)

Village Blacksmith (Movie)

Asa Martin (Actor)

Wake up and Dream (Movie)

Old Man at Counter (Actor)

Western Union (Movie)

Stagecoach Driver (Actor)

Whole Town's Talking (Movie)

Reporter at Dock (Actor)
Director (3)

Custer's Last Fight (Movie)


The Invaders (Movie)


Trail's End (Movie)



Francis Ford was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Ford's earliest roles were in film, including "Custer's Last Fight" (1913), "Lucille Love, Girl of Mystery" (1914) and "The Mystery of 13" (1920). He also appeared in "The Village Blacksmith" (1922) and "Haunted Valley" (1923). His film career continued throughout the thirties in productions like the mystery "Charlie Chan's Greatest Case" (1933) with Warner Oland, "Gun Justice" (1933) and "The Man From Monterey" (1933). He also appeared in the drama "Pilgrimage" (1933) with Henrietta Crosman. In the latter part of his career, he continued to act in "The Man Who Wouldn't Die" (1942), "King of the Mounties" (1942) and the dramatic biopic "The Loves of Edgar Allan Poe" (1942) with Linda Darnell. He also appeared in "Girls in Chains" (1943) and the Henry Fonda drama "The Ox-Bow Incident" (1943). Ford last acted in the Charles Winninger comedic drama "The Sun Shines Bright" (1953). Ford was married to Grace Cunard. Ford passed away in September 1953 at the age of 71.


Mary Armstrong


Grace Cunard Actor

Married in 1913 divorced in 1918

John Ford Director


Philip Ford Director



University of Maine

Orono, Maine