Francis McDonald

Born: 08/22/1891 in Bowling Green, Kentucky, USA


Actor (85)

The Great Race 1965 (Movie)

Russian (Actor)

The Big Fisherman 1958 (Movie)

Scribe Spokesman (Actor)

Fort Massacre 1957 (Movie)

Piute Man (Actor)

The Ten Commandments 1956 (Movie)

Simon (Actor)

Three Hours to Kill 1954 (Movie)

Vince (Actor)

Rancho Notorious 1952 (Movie)

Harbin (Actor)

Abandoned 1949 (Movie)

Wingy (Actor)

Panhandle 1948 (Movie)

Crump (Actor)

The Kansan 1942 (Movie)


Strange Cargo 1939 (Movie)

Moussenq (Actor)

If I Were King 1937 (Movie)


The Buccaneer 1937 (Movie)

Camden Blount (Actor)

The Plainsman 1936 (Movie)


Battling Butler 1926 (Movie)

Alfred "Battling" Butler (Actor)

The Temptress 1925 (Movie)

Timoteo (Actor)

A Girl in Every Port (Movie)

Gang Leader (Actor)

A Night in Paradise (Movie)

High Priest (Actor)

A Successful Failure (Movie)


Big Brown Eyes (Movie)

Malley (Actor)

Bobbed Hair (Movie)

"Pooch" (Actor)

Broadway Bad (Movie)

Charley Davis (Actor)

Ceiling Zero (Movie)

Office Worker (Actor)

Corpus Christi Bandits (Movie)

Dad Christie (Actor)

Desert Passage (Movie)


Evelyn Prentice (Movie)

Charles, the Chauffeur (Actor)

Going Up (Movie)

Jules Galliard (Actor)

Green Hell (Movie)

Gracco (Actor)

Gun Law (Movie)

Nevada (Actor)

Hidden Valley (Movie)

Frank Gavin (Actor)

Idiot's Delight (Movie)

Flight Captain (Actor)

Ladies Crave Excitement (Movie)

Terry (Actor)

Legion of the Condemned (Movie)

Gonzolo Vasquez (Actor)

Love under Fire (Movie)

Officer (Actor)

Lumberjack (Movie)

Fenwick (Actor)

Magnificent Doll (Movie)

Barber Jenks (Actor)

Mississippi (Movie)


Monte Cristo (Movie)

Benedetto (Actor)

Mummy's Boys (Movie)

El Bey (Actor)

My Pal Trigger (Movie)

Storekeeper (Actor)

Mystery Man (Movie)

Bert Rogan (Actor)

Nomads of the North (Movie)

Buck McDougall (Actor)

Northwest Mounted Police (Movie)

Louis Riel (Actor)

One Night in the Tropics (Movie)

Escobar's Aide (Actor)

Operator 13 (Movie)

Denton (Actor)

Outlaws of Red River (Movie)

Ben Tanner (Actor)

Puppets of Fate (Movie)


Red Mountain (Movie)

Marshal Roberts (Actor)

Roll on Texas Moon (Movie)

Steve Anders (Actor)

Sadie McKee (Movie)


Samson and Delilah (Movie)

Story Teller (Actor)

South of the Rio Grande (Movie)

Torres (Actor)

Spoilers of the North (Movie)

Pete Koster (Actor)

Star of Midnight (Movie)

Kinland Gangster (Actor)

Strange Confession (Movie)

Hernandez (Actor)

Terror Trail (Movie)

Tad McPherson (Actor)

Texas Buddies (Movie)

Blake (Actor)

Texas Masquerade (Movie)

Sam Nolan (Actor)

The Answer (Movie)

Guidi Garcia (Actor)

The Carson City Kid (Movie)

Laramie (Actor)

The Catman of Paris (Movie)

Devereaux (Actor)

The Devil Is Driving (Movie)

Ticker (Actor)

The Dragnet (Movie)

Sniper Dawson (Actor)

The Gal Who Took the West (Movie)


The Gang Buster (Movie)

Pete Caltek (Actor)

The Gay Bride (Movie)

Crook (Actor)

The Lady Gambles (Movie)

Trainer (Actor)

The Light That Failed (Movie)

George (Actor)

The Lone Wolf Keeps a Date (Movie)

Santos (Actor)

The Palace of Pleasure (Movie)


The Prisoner of Shark Island (Movie)

John Wilkes Booth (Actor)

The Robin Hood of El Dorado (Movie)

Pedro the Spy (Actor)

The Ruling Voice (Movie)

Hood (Actor)

The Rustlers (Movie)


The Sea Hawk (Movie)

Samuel Kroner (Actor)

The Sea Wolf (Movie)

Swenson (Actor)

The Stranger Wore a Gun (Movie)


The Texans (Movie)


The Woman from Monte Carlo (Movie)

Karkuff (Actor)

The World and the Flesh (Movie)

Revolutionary (Actor)

Till We Meet Again (Movie)

Driver of the Cart (Actor)

Trailing the Killer (Movie)

Pierre (Actor)

Under Two Flags (Movie)

Husson (Actor)

Valley of the Sun (Movie)

Interpreter (Actor)

Viva Villa! (Movie)

Villa's Man (Actor)

Wyoming (Movie)

Dawson (Actor)


Mae Busch