Francisco Rabal

Actor, Director, Screenwriter
A handsome, athletic performer who played numerous supporting roles in the 1940s and came to prominence as the title character of Luis Bunuel's "Nazarin" (1958), Francisco Rabal appeared in nearly 200 international ... Read more »
Born: 03/08/1926 in Aguilas, Murcia, ES


Actor (73)

Dagon 2001 (Movie)

Ezequiel (Actor)

Lazaro de Tormes 2001 (Movie)

El Ciego (Actor)

The Wide Blue Road 2001 (Movie)

Salvatore (Actor)

El Sueno del Caiman 2000 (Movie)


Goya in Bordeaux 2000 (Movie)

Francisco de Goya (Actor)

Off to the Revolution By A 2CV 2000 (Movie)

Uncle Enrique (Actor)

Regarding Bunuel 2000 (Movie)


Divertimento 1999 (Movie)

Bernardo Gabler (Actor)

Peixe lua 1999 (Movie)

Uncle Nini (Actor)

Tu que harias por amor 1999 (Movie)

Don Vicente (Actor)

Divine 1998 (Movie)

Papa Basilio (Actor)

Talk of Angels 1998 (Movie)

Don Jorge (Actor)

Water Easy Reach 1998 (Movie)

Molina (Actor)

Airbag 1997 (Movie)

Villambrosa (Actor)

Le Jour et la nuit 1997 (Movie)

Cristobal (Actor)

Pajarico 1997 (Movie)

Grandfather (Actor)

La Novia de Medianoche 1996 (Movie)

Wenceslao Corredoira (Actor)

The Bunuel Paradox 1996 (Movie)

Himself (Actor)

Edipo Alcalde 1995 (Movie)


The Lame Pigeon 1994 (Movie)


Radio Stories 1993 (Movie)

Gabriel (Actor)

L' Autre 1991 (Movie)

Simm (Actor)

L' Homme qui a perdu son ombre 1991 (Movie)

Antonio (Actor)

Manuel, le fils emprunte 1991 (Movie)


La Blanca Paloma 1990 (Movie)


Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! 1990 (Movie)

Maximo Espejo (Actor)

A Time of Destiny 1988 (Movie)

Jorge (Actor)

Barroco 1988 (Movie)


Gallego 1987 (Movie)

Fabian (Actor)

Padre Nuestro 1987 (Movie)

Abel (Actor)

Divinas Palabras 1986 (Movie)

Pedro Gailo (Actor)

Un Complicato Intrigo di Donne, Vicoli e Delitti 1986 (Movie)

Guaglione (Actor)

El Disputado Voto del Sr. Cayo 1985 (Movie)

Cayo (Actor)

El Hermano Bastardo de Dios 1985 (Movie)

Grandfather (Actor)

La Storia 1985 (Movie)

Bartender (Actor)

La Hora Bruja 1984 (Movie)

Cesar (Actor)

Los Paraises Perdidos 1984 (Movie)


Luces de Bohemia 1984 (Movie)

Max Estrella (Actor)

The Old Music 1984 (Movie)


Tiempo de Silencio 1984 (Movie)

Muecas (Actor)

Los Santos Inocentes 1983 (Movie)

Azarias (Actor)

Los Zancos 1983 (Movie)

Manuel (Actor)

Un Delitto 1983 (Movie)

Abbot (Actor)

La Colmena 1982 (Movie)


Victoria 1982 (Movie)


El Tesora de las Cuatro Coronas 1981 (Movie)

Socrates (Actor)

Renacida 1980 (Movie)

Giacomo (Actor)

City of the Walking Dead 1979 (Movie)

Major Holmes (Actor)

Corleone 1977 (Movie)

Don Giusto (Actor)

Cosi' come sei 1977 (Movie)


Sorcerer 1977 (Movie)

Nilo (Actor)

El Muerto 1974 (Movie)

Bandeira (Actor)

Las Largas Vacaciones del 36 1974 (Movie)

Maestro (Actor)

Metralleta Stein 1973 (Movie)

Commissioner Mendoza (Actor)

Tormento 1973 (Movie)


Il Consigliori 1972 (Movie)

Vincent Garofalo (Actor)

Il Sorriso del Grande Tentatore 1972 (Movie)

Bishop Marques (Actor)

Laia 1971 (Movie)

Quelot (Actor)

Las Melancolicas 1971 (Movie)


Planeta Venere 1971 (Movie)

Party Chauffeur (Actor)

Suzanne Simonin, la Religieuse de Denis Diderot 1971 (Movie)

Dom Morel (Actor)

N.P. Il Segreto 1970 (Movie)

N P (Actor)

Goya 1969 (Movie)


Le Soldat Laforet 1969 (Movie)

Paco (Actor)

The Witches 1969 (Movie)

Valeria's Husband (Actor)

Cervantes 1968 (Movie)

Rodrigo (Actor)

Belle de Jour 1967 (Movie)

Hippolyte (Actor)

Marie-Chantal Contre le Docteur Kha 1965 (Movie)

Paco Castillo (Actor)

L' Eclisse 1962 (Movie)

Riccardo (Actor)

The Reunion 1962 (Movie)

Alberto (Actor)

The Hand In the Trap 1960 (Movie)

Cristobal (Actor)

Viridiana 1960 (Movie)

Jorge--Son (Actor)

Nazarin 1959 (Movie)

Nazarin (Actor)


A handsome, athletic performer who played numerous supporting roles in the 1940s and came to prominence as the title character of Luis Bunuel's "Nazarin" (1958), Francisco Rabal appeared in nearly 200 international films, by directors including Michelangelo Antonioni, Jacques Rivette, Arne Mattsson and Pedro Almodovar, making him one of Spain's most popular and prolific actors. He made his American feature debut in 1977, in William Friedkin's "Sorcerer," and won a Best Actor award at Cannes for his role in Mario Camus' "The Holy Innocents" (1984). Rabal had perhaps the role of a lifetime when Carlos Saura tapped him to portray the aging artist in his "Goya in Bordeaux" (2000). Rabal also wrote and directed several short films. He was the father of director Benito Rabal and the grandfather of actor Liberto Rabal.


Asuncion Belaguer


Teresa Valera


Damian Rabal


Dolores Rabal


Benito Rabal


Teresa Rabal


Benito Rabal


Liberto Rabal



studied to be an electrician at a Jesuit School



Had role of a lifetime as the aged painter in "Goya in Bordeaux", directed by Saura


Co-starred in "Talk of Angels"


Was featured in Pedro Almodovar's "Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down!"


Appeared in Gregory Nava's "A Time of Destiny"


Earned Best Actor prize at Cannes for "The Holy Innocents"


Directed by Carlos Saura in "Los Zancos"


Appeared in first American feature, "Sorcerer"


Acted in "Goya"


Had title role in "El 'Che' Guevara"


Starred in Vittorio Cottafavi's TV series "Christopher Columbus"


Played opposite Catherine Denueve in Bunuel's "Belle de Jour"


Co-starred in Jacques Rivette's "La Religieuse/Suzanne Simonin, la Reliieuse de Denis Diderot" and in Claude Chabrol's "Marie-Chantal Contre le Docteur Kha"


Appeared in Michaelangelo Antonioni's "The Eclipse"


Acted in Bunuel's "Viridiana"


Began collaboration with Luis Bunuel with title role in "Nazarin"


Appeared in "The Wide Blue Road"


First significant film role in "Luna de Sangre"


Began making uncredited appearances in films


Had lead role in "Don Quixote"

Made stage debut aged 20; at time known as Paco Rabal

Was an electrician at Chamartin Film Studios; soon after was stand-in and then extra and bit player

Worked as a street vendor selling various trinkets

Worked with Infanta Isabel and Maria Guerrero Theatres, Madrid; later worked with Lope de Vega company under direction of Jose Tamayo