Frank Gerstle

Born: 09/27/1915


Actor (20)

The Banana Splits Adventure Hour 1968 - 1970 (TV Show)


The Silencers 1965 (Movie)

Frazer (Actor)

Young Dillinger 1964 (Movie)

Watchman (Actor)

Shock Corridor 1963 (Movie)

Police Lieutenant (Actor)

13 West Street 1962 (Movie)

Mr Johnson (Actor)

The Wasp Woman 1959 (Movie)

Hellman (Actor)

Ambush at Cimarron Pass 1958 (Movie)

Sam Prescott (Actor)

I Mobster 1958 (Movie)

District Attorney (Actor)

Inside the Mafia 1958 (Movie)

Julie Otranto (Actor)

Submarine Seahawk 1957 (Movie)

Captain Boardman (Actor)

The River's Edge 1957 (Movie)

US Border Patrolman Harry Castleton (Actor)

Top Secret Affair 1957 (Movie)

Sergeant Kruger (Actor)

Autumn Leaves 1956 (Movie)

Mr Ramsey (Actor)

Between Heaven and Hell 1956 (Movie)

Colonel Miles (Actor)

On Trial 1955 - 1956 (TV Show)


Tight Spot 1955 (Movie)

Jim Hornsby (Actor)

Killers From Space 1953 (Movie)

Dr. Curt Kruger (Actor)

The Glory Brigade 1953 (Movie)

Major Sauer (Actor)

The Magnetic Monster 1953 (Movie)

Ccolonel Willis (Actor)

San Francisco International (TV Show)