Frank Hagney

Born: 03/20/1884 in SydneyAU


Actor (20)

McLintock! 1962 (Movie)

Bartender (Actor)

Last Train From Gun Hill 1958 (Movie)

Craig's Man (Actor)

Gunfight at the O.K. Corral 1957 (Movie)

Bartender (Actor)

Friendly Persuasion 1956 (Movie)

Lemonade Vendor (Actor)

The Harder They Fall 1956 (Movie)

Referee (Actor)

A Bullet For Joey 1955 (Movie)


A Lawless Street 1955 (Movie)

Dingo Brion (Actor)

A Man Alone 1955 (Movie)

Dorfman (Actor)

Lucy Gallant 1955 (Movie)


Demetrius and the Gladiators 1954 (Movie)


Riot in Cell Block 11 1954 (Movie)

Roberts (Actor)

The Silver Chalice 1954 (Movie)

Ruffian (Actor)

Three Hours to Kill 1954 (Movie)

Cass (Actor)

Appointment With Danger 1951 (Movie)

Motorcycle Cop (Actor)

Man in the Saddle 1951 (Movie)

Ned Bale (Actor)

Modern Times 1936 (Movie)


Conflict 1935 (Movie)


Ride Him Cowboy 1931 (Movie)


The Champ 1930 (Movie)

Manuel Caroza (Actor)

On Your Toes 1926 (Movie)