Frank Reicher

Director, Actor
Born: 12/02/1875 in Germany


Actor (97)

Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye 1950 (Movie)

'Doc' Darius Green (Actor)

Address Unknown 1944 (Movie)

Professor Schmidt (Actor)

Night Monster 1941 (Movie)


To Be or Not to Be 1941 (Movie)


Juarez 1939 (Movie)

Duc de Morny (Actor)

Stage Door 1936 (Movie)

Stage Director (Actor)

The Great O'Malley 1936 (Movie)


Anthony Adverse 1935 (Movie)


The Story of Louis Pasteur 1935 (Movie)


King Kong 1933 (Movie)


Little Man, What Now? 1933 (Movie)


Topaze 1932 (Movie)

Dr Stegg (Actor)

Mata Hari 1931 (Movie)


A Medal for Benny (Movie)

Father Bly (Actor)

A Woman Commands (Movie)

The General (Actor)

Above Suspicion (Movie)

Col. Gerold (Actor)

Background to Danger (Movie)

Rudick (Actor)

Beau Sabreur (Movie)

Gen. de Beaujolais (Actor)

Beyond the Blue Horizon (Movie)

Sneath (Actor)

British Agent (Movie)

Mr. X (Actor)

Charlie Chan in Egypt (Movie)

Dr. Jaipur (Actor)

City Streets (Movie)

Dr. Ferenc Waller (Actor)

Dangerously They Live (Movie)

Jarvis (Actor)

Dr. Cyclops (Movie)

Prof. Kendall (Actor)

Dr. Ehrlich's Magic Bullet (Movie)

Old Doctor (Actor)

Employees' Entrance (Movie)

Gar-finkle (Actor)

Ever in My Heart (Movie)

Dr. Hoffman (Actor)

Everything Happens at Night (Movie)

Becher, the Pharmacist (Actor)

Father Takes a Wife (Movie)

Captain (Actor)

Fit for a King (Movie)

Kurtz (Actor)

Four Sons (Movie)

Schoolmaster (Actor)

Gentleman's Fate (Movie)

Francesco (Actor)

Gildersleeve's Ghost (Movie)

John Wells (Actor)

Girls' Dormitory (Movie)

Dr. Hoffenreich (Actor)

Great Impersonation (Movie)

Dr. Schmidt (Actor)

Hi, Nellie! (Movie)

Nathan (Actor)

His Captive Woman (Movie)

District Attorney (Actor)

Home in Oklahoma (Movie)

Lawyer Cragmyle (Actor)

Hotel Berlin (Movie)

Fritz (Actor)

House of Frankenstein (Movie)

Ullman (Actor)

I Married an Angel (Movie)

Driver (Actor)

In Our Time (Movie)

Count Jarsky (Actor)

Kind Lady (Movie)

Roubet (Actor)

Life Returns (Movie)


Mills of the Gods (Movie)


Mister Antonio (Movie)

Milton Jorny (Actor)

Mr. District Attorney (Movie)

Peter Lantz (Actor)

My Pal Trigger (Movie)

Magistrate (Actor)

Nazi Agent (Movie)

Fritz (Actor)

Night Key (Movie)


Old Hutch (Movie)

District Attorney (Actor)

On Such a Night (Movie)

Horace Darwin (Actor)

Rasputin and the Empress (Movie)

German Language Teacher (Actor)

Remember Last Night (Movie)


Rhapsody in Blue (Movie)


Samson and Delilah (Movie)

Village Barber (Actor)

Second Wife (Movie)

Headmaster (Actor)

Secret Enemies (Movie)

Henry Bremmer (Actor)

Sins of the Fathers (Movie)

The Eye Specialist (Actor)

Sister Kenny (Movie)

Chuter (Actor)

Sky Murder (Movie)

Dr. Crattan (Actor)

Son of Kong (Movie)

Capt. Englehorn (Actor)

Star of Midnight (Movie)

Abe Ohlman (Actor)

Stolen Holiday (Movie)

Ranier (Actor)

Straight from the Heart (Movie)

Coroner (Actor)

Superman and the Mole Men (Movie)

Hospital superintendent (Actor)

Sutter's Gold (Movie)


The Conspirators (Movie)

Casino Attendant (Actor)

The Countess of Monte Cristo (Movie)

Police Commissioner (Actor)

The Country Doctor (Movie)

Dr. Paul Luke (Actor)

The Crooked Circle (Movie)


The Emperor's Candlesticks (Movie)

Pavloff (Actor)

The Ex-Mrs. Bradford (Movie)

Henry Strand (Actor)

The Face Behind the Mask (Movie)

Dr. Cheever (Actor)

The Florentine Dagger (Movie)

Von Stein (Actor)

The Happy Years (Movie)


The Invisible Ray (Movie)

Prof. Michaeljohn (Actor)

The Jade Mask (Movie)

Harper (Actor)

The Lady and the Bandit (Movie)

Count Eckhardt (Actor)

The Lady in Question (Movie)

President of the Court (Actor)

The Lone Wolf Returns (Movie)

Coleman (Actor)

The Man Who Broke the Bank at Monte Carlo (Movie)

Second Assistant Director (Actor)

The Mummy's Ghost (Movie)

Prof. Norman (Actor)

The Mystery of Marie Roget (Movie)

Magistrate (Actor)

The Road Back (Movie)

Ernst's Father (Actor)

The Secret of the Chateau (Movie)

Auctioneer (Actor)

The Shadow Returns (Movie)

Michael Hasdon (Actor)

The Storm (Movie)


The Tiger Woman (Movie)

Coroner (Actor)

Till We Meet Again (Movie)


Torchy Gets Her Man (Movie)

Professor (Actor)

Tornado (Movie)

Old Man Linden (Actor)

Under Cover of Night (Movie)

Rudolph Brehmer (Actor)

Under Two Flags (Movie)

French General (Actor)

Violence (Movie)

Pop (Actor)

Voice of the Whistler (Movie)


Watch on the Rhine (Movie)

Admiral (Actor)
Director (2)

Mister Antonio (Movie)


Suspense (Movie)

Writer (1)

Big News (Movie)



Elly Reicher

survived him

Hedwiga Reicher

survived him

Celia Sibelius



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