Frank Wilson

Born: 04/11/1924 in Northcote, AU


Actor (14)

Human Traffic 2000 (Movie)

Bodypopper (Actor)

The Well 2000 (Movie)

Francis Harper (Actor)

Black Robe 1991 (Movie)

Father Jerome (Actor)

Tudawali 1987 (Movie)


Going Sane 1985 (Movie)

Sir Colin Grant (Actor)

Breaker Morant 1980 (Movie)

Dr Johnson (Actor)

The Club 1980 (Movie)

Jock Riley (Actor)

Fatty Finn 1979 (Movie)

Lord Mayor (Actor)

Patrick 1978 (Movie)

Detective-Sergeant Grant (Actor)

The Journalist 1978 (Movie)

Vic Parsons (Actor)

Money Movers 1977 (Movie)

Lionel Darcy (Actor)

Alvin Rides Again 1973 (Movie)

House Detective (Actor)

Summer of the Seventeenth Doll 1961 (Movie)

Cane-Cutter (Actor)
Music (5)

The Paperboy 2012 (Movie)

("Still Water (Love)") (Song)

More Than a Game 2009 (Movie)

("Lights Camera Action!") (Song)

Made in Heaven 1987 (Movie)

("Up the Ladder to the Roof") (Song)

Beach Ball 1965 (Movie)


Beach Ball 1965 (Movie)

songs("I Feel So Good" "Surfin' Shindig" "Wiggle Like You Tickled") (Song)
Art Department (1)

The Guns of Navarone 1961 (Movie)

art direction assistant (Assistant Art Director)
Other (1)

Lolita 1961 (Movie)

draftsman (Other)