Fraser’s frustration with Extraordinary Measures

Fraser stars alongside Harrison Ford in the movie, about a couple’s struggle to find a cure for their two children’s rare genetic disorder.

The actor claims he battled for months to find out details about the movie’s cinematic release, only to discover the information he craved in an email from teenager Megan Crowley, the real life girl the film is based on.

Crowley’s mother Aileen tells the New York Daily news, “Megan sent an e-mail to Brendan and all of her friends that there was a website for the film up and the release date was set for January 22 (10). Brendan called us immediately and said, ‘I’ve been calling the guys at the studio for weeks trying to find out the release date, and this is how I find out!'”

Confirming the story, Fraser adds, “Both (the studio and my agent) got grief for that, absolutely. I called them and said, ‘Guess how I found out when the movie opens? Thirteen-year-old Megan Crowley.'”