Fred MacMurray

Actor, Singer, Saxophonist
For over four decades, actor Fred MacMurray embodied the Everyman in a string of popular comedies and musicals, including "Remember the Night" (1940) and "The Egg and I" (1947) as well as a series of well-loved Disney ... Read more »
Born: 08/30/1908 in Kankakee, Illinois, USA


Actor (81)

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Pardon My Past (Movie)



For over four decades, actor Fred MacMurray embodied the Everyman in a string of popular comedies and musicals, including "Remember the Night" (1940) and "The Egg and I" (1947) as well as a series of well-loved Disney live-action films like "The Absent-Minded Professor" (1961) and the long-running family series "My Three Sons" (ABC/CBS, 1960-1972). A handsome, affable presence, he made an ideal onscreen romantic partner to some of Hollywood's biggest female stars, including Claudette Colbert and Carole Lombard. So believable was MacMurray as upstanding young men that it seemed unlikely that he could play anything else, a notion that was dispelled by his chilly turn as a doomed murderer in Billy Wilder's "Double Indemnity" (1944). He proved equally successful in portraying the dark flipside to the Everyman, seduced by the lure of power, prestige and sex in "The Caine Mutiny" (1953) and Wilder's "The Apartment" (1960), though by the early 1960s, his status as America's favorite father figure was essentially complete. And if his versatility was often overshadowed by the vast number of audience-friendly pictures to his name, Fred MacMurray remained one of the screen's most likable personalities for decades, even long after his death in 1991.


Maleta Martin


June Haver Actor

Met on the set of "Where Do We Go From Here?" (1944); came out of a Catholic convent where she had gone to live after the death of her fiancé to marry MacMurray a year after his first wife's death Married June 28, 1954 until his death Nov. 5, 1991

Lillian Lamont

Met while she was a dancer in the Broadway production of "Roberta" in 1933 Married June 20, 1936 until her death June 1953

Frederick MacMurray

was performing in Kankakee, Illinois when MacMurray was born separated

Kate MacMurray

born c. 1966 twin of Laurie MacMurray adopted with June Haver

Robert MacMurray

born c. 1946 adopted with Lillian Lamont

Susan Pool

born c. 1941 adopted with Lillian Lamont

Laurie Sipma

born c. 1966 twin of Katherine MacMurray adopted with June Haver married Marc Gerver on December 28, 2001


Carroll College

Waukesha , Wisconsin 1925 - 1926
attended on American Legion Scholarship; evenings played saxophone with Tom Joy's Gloom Chasers; dropped out

Beaver Dam High School

Beaver Dam , Wisconsin 1919
won 10 varsity letters in athletics; formed own three-piece band, Mac's Melody Boys

Chicago Academy for the Arts

Chicago , Illinois 1926

Shattuck Military Academy

Quincy , Illinois 1918 - 1919



Appeared as himself in the feature documentary, "George Stevens: A Filmmaker's Journey"


Last acting role in a feature, "The Swarm"


Starred in TV-movie, "The Bermuda Triangle"


TV-movie debut, "The Chadwick Family" (pilot for unsold series)


Returned to features for the last of his seven films with Disney, "Charley and the Angel"


Last feature for five years, "The Happiest Millionaire"


First film for Walt Disney Productions, "The Shaggy Dog"


TV debut on "Bachelor's Bride" episode of "G.E. Theatre"


Starred on radio series, "Bright Star"


Last co-starring appearance with Claudette Colbert, "Family Honeymoon"


Affiliation with Paramount comes to an end; made one more film there in 1947 and one in 1955, but otherwise largely free-lanced; last film under long-term contract, "Murder, He Says"


Attracted considerable critical attention with his change-of-pace role in Billy Wilder's film noir, "Double Indemnity"


Achieved stardom with first leading role in "The Gilded Lily"; also marked his first of seven co-starring appearances with Claudette Colbert


Signed contract with Paramount


Film acting debut in "Friends of Mr. Sweeney"


Performed in vaudeville


Film debut as extra in "Girls Gone Wild"; also bit as rancher in "Tiger Rose"


Made record (as singer) with George Olsen's Orchestra; worked as orchestra musician for silent films; joined band The California Collegians as singer-saxophonist-comedian


Moved to Los Angeles where he worked in a car painting shop and as a Hollywood extra


Moved to Chicago where he worked as a shoe salesman; continued music career performing with various bands (including "The Royal Purples) as saxophonist and vocalist

Appeared with the California Collegians on Broadway in two revues, "Three's a Crowd" (1930) and "The Third Little Show" and in the Jerome Kern musical, "Roberta" (1934; was also Bob Hope's understudy)

Lived in Madison, WI and Gilroy, CA before settling in Beaver Dam, WI after parents' separation when he was five

Before attending college, formed three-piece musical outfit, Mac's Melody Boys

Worked in a pea-canning factory after high school graduation

Went into semi-retirement on his 2,300-acre California ranch where he raised Black Angus cattle in the 1970s

Appeared on 17 episodes of Lux Radio Theatre during the 1930s

Starred on the long-running TV sitcom, "My Three Sons"

Bonus Trivia


MacMurray's face was allegedly used as the model for comic-strip hero Captain Marvel.