Fred Willard Backlash: Fired from PBS’ ‘Market Warriors’

fred willardOh, Fred Willard. If you thought yesterday wasn’t your day, it’s looking like today isn’t, either. After being booked for a misdemeanor (and later released) for an alleged masturbation incident at an adult theater in Hollywood, The Hollywood Reporter is, well, reporting that Willard has been axed from his hosting duties on Market Warriors, a spinoff of their fan-favorite Antiques Roadshow. A PBS spokesperson confirmed to THR that Willard will no longer host the remaining episodes of the show, and that Roadshow host Mark Walberg (no not that one), will record voiceovers for the remaining episodes.

“Given the unfortunate news reported today, effective immediately, Fred Willard no longer will be involved with the Market Warriors series,” said WGBH spokeswoman Jeanne Hopkins.

Meanwhile, over at TMZ, Willard’s lawyer Paul Takakjian, released a statement stating “With all due respect to the individual officer, our belief is that Fred did nothing in any violation of any law. We will be working vigorously to clear his name in this matter.” reached out for comment from PBS, but had yet to hear back at the time of publication.

Do you think Willard is guilty? Innocent? Do you think PBS’ actions were justified? Sound off below!


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