Frederic Von Anhalt Gets Cryptic About Dannielynn’s Daddy

Zsa Zsa Gabor‘s husband Prince Frederic Von Anhalt insists he knows who the biological father of tragic Anna Nicole Smith‘s baby daughter is, but has backed down from claims it could be him.

The Hungarian royal added a bizarre new twist to the paternity battle over baby Dannielynn yesterday when he stated he could be the child’s father.

Speaking on CNN talk show Larry King Live last night, the prince revealed he only came forward with his claims because Smith told him who her baby’s biological father is, and it isn’t her ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead or partner/lawyer Howard K. Stern, who are fighting for paternity rights.

But Von Anhalt, who claims he enjoyed a romance with Smith after the death of her late husband J. Howard Marshall in 1995, was cryptic when asked if the mystery father he refers to is himself.

He told King, “I know who the real father is… The real father made a deal with her not to go in the open with it. He did not want the world to know that he is the father.”

And when the talk-show host asked Von Anhalt if it was him, he added, “I don’t say yes, I don’t say no.”

The prince went on to reiterate his plan to file for custody of Smith‘s baby if a Los Angeles judge gives Birkhead or Stern custody on Feb. 20–the date of a court-ordered DNA test.

He stated, “If the court rules in the right direction–not left to Larry, not right to Howard… I stay out of it. If the court rules either to Howard or Larry I jump in.”

Birkhead’s lawyer Debra Opri has dismissed Von Anhalt’s suggestions that her client is not Dannielynn’s biological father, stating, “I’m not going to waste a second of my limited time… addressing what that man said. It’s stupid.

“I believe with all my heart that Larry Birkhead is the father of this child.”