Full ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Cast Revealed

kristin cavallariABC always likes to reveal the newest Dancing with the Stars cast during a commercial break from one of its Monday night shows, and tonight was supposed to be when Brooke Burke and Tom Bergeron were scheduled to make the official announcement as to which celebrities would be participating in the hit show’s thirteenth season. But in today’s world (where communication is seamless and frequent unauthorized leaks of information are the norm), it’s no surprise that the full cast of celebs turned dancers was revealed hours before the network intended.

The news was disseminated from the twitter account, DWTSGOSSIP, and reported that the cast would consist of the following public figures: Nancy Grace, Kristin Cavallari, Ricki Lake, Chynna Phillips, Hope Solis, Elisabetta Canalis, David Arquette, Rob Kardashian, Ryan O’Neal, Jr. Martinez, Chaz Bono and Ron Artest. We had previously heard rumors that Kristin, Ricki, Elisabetta, David, Rob, and Chaz had all signed on to the show, so the news doesn’t really come as a complete shock to anyone. The Ryan O’Neal (Farrah Fawcett’s husband) and Chynna Phillips are pretty great choices too (especially since the group Wilson Phillips is currently experiencing a surge in popularity from the way Bridesmaids highlighted it), and surely the one and only Ron Artest will be a constant source of amusement. However, the one thing we still don’t know is which professional dancers they’ve each been matched up with, and we won’t find that out until the very first episode on September 19th. That is, of course, unless DTWSGOSSIP finds herself with a little bit of time on her hands between now and then.

Source: Perez