10 Of The Funniest Celebrity Parody Twitter Accounts

Love or hate Twitter, you can’t deny that celebrity parody accounts are it’s best creation. There are thousands of accounts out there, and most of them suck, but there are some precious gems. Believe us when we say, the really funny Drake parodies are so worth wading through endless #DrakesTheTypeOfGuy accounts.George R. R. Martin – @GRRM

Until recently, the Game Of Thrones author was not verified on Twitter. Some speculated that these cryptic tweets could only be the work of the real GRRM, but it was just a clever ruse.


Mark Zuckerberg – @notzuckerberg

Fake Zuckerberg is here to give us the honest truth: we’re all pathetically addicted to Facebook. Thanks Zuckerberg for hooking us in, and thank you even more fake Zuckerberg for helping us laugh at it.



Taylor Swift – @feministtswift

This is basically a Twitter account combining Feminism and Taylor Swift lyrics in the best possible way.


Bill Nye  @yaboybillnye

If you’re looking for someone to drop some knowledge on you, then you better hit up Ya Boy Bill Nye. If anyone on the planet deserves a worthy Twitter parody account, it’s Bill Nye The Science Guy.


Lord Voldemort  @Lord_Voldemort7

Even the Dark Lord is on Twitter. Okay, so maybe Voldemort isn’t real, but he’s basically one of the biggest baddies there is, so that makes him a celebrity. Which means, obviously, he’s got the best Twitter parody account of the bunch.


Drake – @StuffDrakeDoes 

Drake fans get a little insight on Drake’s day-to-day life with this Twitter account. Now we know what this soulful artist really thinks (and feels) when asked the tough questions.


Betty White – @BettyFckinWhite

As we expect Betty White is in real life, her parody account is up to date on all of Hollywood’s latest drama. With a decent amount of Beverly Hills, 90210 tied in.


Bill Clinton – @PimpBillClinton 

About 90% of these tweets are probably NSFW, which makes them all Clinton approved.


The Queen of England – @Queen_UK

If you’re going to make a parody account for the world’s most powerful woman, this is how you do it.


Chuck Norris – @chuck_facts 

So we’re not 100% sure this isn’t just Chuck Norris parodying himself, because no one makes fun of Chuck Norris but Chuck Norris.