SHOCKER: Nikki Finke Controversy Is Parodied by Funny or Die

Funny or Die, Deadline: The Movie, Nikki FinkeFunny or Die

Following the real life saga of Nikki Finke’s contentious exit from Deadline Hollywood, this trailer from Funny Or Die dramatizes the split between Finke and her backer, billionaire owner of Variety Jay Penske. In reality, Finke is the one making the split very public and very difficult, but in the faux film Dead Line, the story is a little bit different, painting Penske as a mastermind and Finke as simply a hapless blogger who falls into his bloodsoaked, doorbell ringing path. Soon, Finke has nowhere to run — she’s on the computer

Note that the wish fulfillment thriller is brought to you by pretty much every major studio that’s been regularly scooped by Finke over the past few years. And an extra check mark to whomever had the stroke of genius to tap Jean Smart for the role of an increasingly paranoid (and disguise donning) Finke. And their idea of box office gossip is both hilarious and exactly what everyone wishes celebrity insiders talked about. “Mandy Patinkin is leaving Gersh” should definitely be front page news.