The Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston Rivalry Continues: 10 Funniest Pop Culture Tweets of the Week

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Another week has gone by and Hollywood has given us a lot to talk about. First, Angelina Jolie revealed to the world that she voluntarily got a double mastectomy to reduce her chances of getting breast cancer. Then, everyone thought Beyonce was pregnant again because she skipped out on a concert. Plus, we officially said goodbye to The Office Thursday night. 

See the 10 best reactions from Twitter comedians regarding this week’s pop cultural events:

1. Lauren Ashley Bishop: “congrats on your 101st problem jay-z”

2. Enty Lawyer:
 “Do you think Jennifer Aniston is asking herself this morning what she needs to do to top this one from Angelina Jolie?”

3. Josh Gondelman:
 “My roommate has been listening to Daft Punk with his door shut for hours, and his bedroom grew aviator shades and developed a coke habit.”

4. Joan Rivers:
 “I’m reading about all the Beyoncé pregnancy rumors. I just hope Blue Ivy gets a baby brother: Red Fern.”

5. Rob Delaney:
 “Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, The Godfather. #Trilogies”

6. Alec Baldwin
: “Au revoir to THE OFFICE, inside of whose wake 30 Rock sometimes surfed.”

7. Gerry Duggan:
 “It’s great you have a hobby you can continue in prison. RT @chrisbrown: Just did my first live broadcast! Painting at home!”

8. Rainn Wilson:
 “Grab your beet salads, reams of paper, bobbleheads, Jello molds & Kleenexes folks. It’s time for the Office Finale!”

9. Patton Oswalt:
“‘Pacific Rim’, ‘Lone Ranger’, ‘Man of Steel’. It’s gonna be a good summer.” — porn re-titlers”

10.Mike Birbiglia:
 “I love that new show ‘So You Think You Can Meet My Mother.'”

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