Jason Collins’ Big Announcement, Amanda Bynes’ Sexy Pics: 10 Funniest Pop Culture Tweets of the Week

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It’s been quite a shocking week. NBA star Jason Collins came out as gay, becoming the first male athlete currently active in a team sport to do so. Then Amanda Bynes decided to continue her tweeting spree, revealing another video of herself in the bathroom and pictures of herself in a sexy bra. And, on a sadder note, Chris Kelly of the rap duo Kriss Kross passed away at the age of 34. Serious material to be sure, but still ripe for a bit of friendly jesting. 

Check out the jokes Twitter comedians shared about this week’s pop cultural events.

10 Funnies Pop Culture Tweets of the Week:

1. Gerry Duggan: “First Sir @IanMcKellen, and now @JasonCollins34 — looks like my favorite wizards are gay.”

2. John Oliver:
 “Don’t worry, it’ll still be everything you love about the Daily Show – just without the thing you love the most about it.”

3. Aziz Ansari:
 “‘HEY DON’T WRITE ANYTHING ABOUT THE NBA ON TWITTER TODAY. PLEASE!!!’ – PR teams to their homophobic clients”

4. Michael Ian Black:
 “At my house, Mondays are “feel slightly disappointed in the new episode of ‘Mad Men’ night.”

5. Lauren Ashley Bishop:
 “hello 911 yes i need amanda bynes’ parents”

6. Morgan Murphy:
 “I’m Jewish but I just krossed myself. I rapped & wore my clothes backwards when I was 10 and it scared my mom. #RIP”

7. Mike Birbiglia:
 “Chris Kelly made a lot of people jump. You can’t say that for many people. #RIPMacDaddy”

8. Patton Oswalt:
 “IRON MAN 3 just blew my ass apart and hillbilly-fucked it full of awesome.*. (*usable poster quote)”

9. Neal Brennan:
 “Kobe’s so competitive, he’s trying to figure out a way to be gayer than Jason Collins right now.”

10. Mary Charlene:
 “by tomorrow night Amanda Bynes will be completely naked in all her selfies”

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