Kate Middleton Is Having a Girl? Watch Out, Suri: 10 Funniest Pop Culture Tweets of the Week

Kate Middleton

While Beliebers around the world cried Thursday night when they learned that their beloved Justin Bieber had collapsed on stage during a concert in London, the jokesters found material for their 140 character one-liners. This week, the world also watched as Catholic Cardinals convened to elect a new Pope — which, between the Cardinal’s traditional religious garb and the church’s practice of announcing the new Pope with smoke signals, provided plenty of fodder for funny stuff. And on top of all of that, Kate Middleton said something that made people think that she’s pregnant with a baby girl. Watch out, Suri Cruise!

Check out the 10 funniest pop culture tweets of the week!

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10 Funniest Pop Culture Tweets:

1. Colin Mochrie: “Got the call that I’m in the new Star Wars movie as Chuckle Ben Ka-Wacky, improv Jedi, master of the Farce. May be time to change agents.”

2. Rob Delaney:
 “.@justinbieber Don’t feel bad, lil’ biscuit! I pissed myself twice at one Phish show in 1993. It’s all part of this game called ‘Life.'”

3. Eugene Mirman:
 “The Catholic Church can’t pick a new Pope until they first address why all the cardinals sort of look like the evil emperor from Star Wars.”

4. Stephen Colbert:
 “Wonder if the new OZ movie lines up with a Pink Floyd album. Or, since it’s produced by Disney, a Selena Gomez album.”

5. Suri’s Burn Book:
 “Apparently Kate is dropping hints that her baby princess is a girl. Just go ahead and drop me in a dirty river, why don’t you.”

6. Joan Rivers:
 “When a puff of white smoke wafts out of the Vatican, it means a new pope is elected…or Snoop Dogg is touring the Sistine Chapel.”

7. Conan O’Brien:
 “I love how Vine lets me record 6-second videos – it’s perfect for making sex tapes.”

8. Mike Birbiglia:
 “Dennis Rodman being an Ambassador for the United States is like having Dennis Rodman as an ambassador for the United States.”

9. Jordan Zakarin:
 “Watch out, Jon Stewart. You may just return to find Jay Leno at your desk later this summer.”

10. Sam Grittner:
 “I celebrate International Women’s Day by visiting my local CVS and torching all their ‘JUST FOR MEN’ products while screaming: ‘NOT TODAY!'”

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