Oscars Are Finished, Pope Is Done: 10 Funniest Pop Culture Tweets of the Week

Kristin Chenoweth

This past week, a lot of the pop culture jokes have circled around the Oscars, targeting Seth MacFarlane as a mediocre host, or Kristin Chenoweth for her height — or for all the jokes she herself made about it. But then, the rest of the week happened, granting us new material… like IKEA recalling its meatballs because they were found to be made with traces of horse meat, or the Pope finishing out his last day at the Vatican. Between all of these events, the jokesters took to Twitter to let loose.

Check out the 10 funniest pop culture tweets of the week below!

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10 Funniest Tweets of the Week:

1. Rob Delaney: “I think we can all agree that this comment under The Onion’s apology makes it all worth it: pic.twitter.com/IGH1mCpnAz”

2. George Takei:
“The only thing that could make the Oscars gayer, @SethMacFarlane, is if I hosted them”

3. Jessi Klein:
“Quentin Tarantino is on the maybe list of all his friends’ weddings”

4. Jim Gaffigan:
“Can’t wait to see former Pope Benedict on Dancing With The Stars!”

5. Eliza Bayne:
“If banks are so worried about people stealing their pens, they should just attach them to a Creed CD”

6. Patton Oswalt:
“If a horse named Ikea Meatball doesn’t win the Kentucky Derby this year, I swear I just don’t know anymore.”

7. Jason Biggs:
“Next year, ABC, try hiring red carpet hosts that don’t need a step stool to speak with the celebs. #Oscars”

8. Damon Lindeloff:
“For all those following me, please be aware that I will be obsessively tweeting about Bieber’s hat for the next NINE HOURS.”

“That hat looks like Pac Man wandered into the gay bar from Police Academy”

“I made a meme. http://qkme.me/3t62ee”


9. Joan Rivers:
“On Sunday night, you could easily pick Adele’s Oscar statuette out of a lineup. It was the only one wearing Spanx.”

10. Neal Brennan:
“Ladies and gentlemen, HorseMeatLoaf http://say.ly/ELT5fuB”

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