Proposition 8 Goes to the Supreme Court: 10 Funniest Tweets of the Week

Proposition 8

This week was one that will go down in the history books. If you followed the news at all, then you know that California’s Proposition 8 — the legislation that shot down the marriage equality law — went to the Supreme Court. While a decision has yet to be made on whether or not to uphold the amendment, the fact that the Supreme Court is now hearing arguments has the whole country talking, especially on Twitter. 

Oh yeah, and before the Supreme Court hearings began, Tilda Swinton decided to take a nap in a glass box. It was a historic week, to say the least. In honor of that here are the…

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10 Funniest Pop Culture Tweets of the Week:

1. Damien Fahey: “‘Gay marriage threatens the institution of marriage. Oh, don’t forget to DVR The Bachelor.’ – 51% of America”

2. Julie Klausner: “The lesson learned is that we have to think on our feet. At any moment, Tilda Swinton could just decide to nap in a box. We need to adapt.”

3. Mindy Kaling: “Lets not forget that before Helena Bonham Carter played a charismatic wretch in every movie she banged Brad Pitt & Ed Norton in Fight Club”

4. Sam Grittner: “If you see white smoke after the Supreme Court’s ruling, it means equality has temporarily lost but I did set Scalia & Thomas’ cars on fire.”

5. Paul Scheer: “God may have made Adam and Eve but Adam and Steve totally had better Dinner Parties.”

6. Rob Delaney: “Whoa, Ted Nugent comes out in robust support of gay marriage: …”

7. Seth Meyers: “Ocean’s 14 pitch: The gang steals a sleeping Tilda Swinton. She wakes up and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!”

8. Michael Ian Black: “There should be a scene where Phil Spector accidentally drops a sheaf of illegible pages. A girl picks up those pages. Her name: Ke$ha

9. Eugene Mirman: “Just found out NBC is replacing Matt Lauer with falling autumn leaves because they have such a favorable Q rating.”

10. Morgan Murphy: “I won’t get married until my gay friends can get married, or until I can make a relationship last longer than 2 weeks.”

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