Fuzzy Knight

Actor, Musician, Singer
Born: 05/09/1901 in Fairmont, Virginia, USA


Actor (68)

Hostile Guns 1966 (Movie)


The Bounty Killer 1965 (Movie)

Luther (Actor)

Waco 1965 (Movie)

Telegraph Operator (Actor)

These Thousand Hills 1958 (Movie)

Sally--Cook (Actor)

Boss of Hangtown Mesa 1941 (Movie)


Juke Girl 1941 (Movie)


The Shepherd of the Hills 1940 (Movie)

Mr. Palestrom (Actor)

My Little Chickadee 1939 (Movie)

Cousin Zeb (Actor)

Union Pacific 1938 (Movie)

Cookie (Actor)

The Cowboy and the Lady 1937 (Movie)

Buzz (Actor)

The Plainsman 1936 (Movie)


Sea Spoilers 1935 (Movie)


The Trail of the Lonesome Pine 1935 (Movie)


She Done Him Wrong 1932 (Movie)

Ragtime Kelly (Actor)

Bars of Hate (Movie)


Blazing Guns (Movie)


Brigham Young (Movie)

Pete (Actor)

Bury Me Not on the Lone Prairie (Movie)

Lem Fielding (Actor)

Cheyenne Roundup (Movie)

Cal Cawkins (Actor)

Chip of the Flying U (Movie)

Weary (Actor)

Corvette K-225 (Movie)

Cricket (Actor)

County Fair (Movie)

Whitey (Actor)

Crooked River (TV Show)


Danger Ahead (Movie)


Desperate Trails (Movie)

Cousin Willie (Actor)

Down to the Sea in Ships (Movie)

Lem Sykes (Actor)

George White's Scandals (Movie)

Sam Fagel (Actor)

Her Adventurous Night (Movie)

Cudgeons (Actor)

Her Bodyguard (Movie)

Danny Dare (Actor)

Horror Island (Movie)

Stuff (Actor)

Johnny Apollo (Movie)

Cell Mate (Actor)

Joy of Living (Movie)

Sideshow Piano Player (Actor)

Kelly of the Secret Service (Movie)

Lefty Hogan (Actor)

Law of the Range (Movie)

Chaparral (Actor)

Man from Montana (Movie)

Grubby (Actor)

Marshal of Gunsmoke (Movie)

Glow-Worm (Actor)

Mountain Justice (Movie)

Clem Biggers (Actor)

Mountain Music (Movie)

Amos (Actor)

Music in the Air (Movie)

Nick (Actor)

Night Alarm (Movie)


Operator 13 (Movie)

Sweeney (Actor)

Pony Post (Movie)

Shorty (Actor)

Rodeo (TV Show)


Senorita from the West (Movie)

Rosebud (Actor)

She Had to Choose (Movie)

Wally (Actor)

Show Boat (Movie)

Troc Piano Player (Actor)

Singing Outlaw (Movie)

Longhorn (Actor)

Sitting Pretty (Movie)

Stock Clerk (Actor)

Song of the Trail (Movie)

Pudge (Actor)

Spawn of the North (Movie)

Lefty Jones (Actor)

Take It Big (Movie)

Cowboy Joe (Actor)

The Cowboy and the Blonde (Movie)

Skeeter (Actor)

The Cowboy and the Senorita (Movie)

Fuzzy (Actor)

The Egg and I (Movie)

Cab Driver (Actor)

The Gay Bride (Movie)

Cameraman (Actor)

The Girl from Missouri (Movie)

Cameraman (Actor)

The Gold Racket (Movie)

Scotty (Actor)

The Lone Star Trail (Movie)

Angus MacAngus (Actor)

The Masked Rider (Movie)

Patches (Actor)

The Murder Man (Movie)

Buck Hawkins, the Reporter (Actor)

The Old Homestead (Movie)

Lem (Actor)

The Singing Sheriff (Movie)

Fuzzy (Actor)

This Day and Age (Movie)

Max (Actor)

Trigger Trail (Movie)

Echo (Actor)

Under the Tonto Rim (Movie)

Porky (Actor)

Vagabond Lady (Movie)

Swan (Actor)

Wanderer of the Wasteland (Movie)

Deputy Scott (Actor)

Wildcat Trooper (Movie)

Pat (Actor)


University of West Virginia

Morgantown , West Virginia