Gail Patrick

Actor, Television producer, College dean
Born: 06/20/1911 in Birmingham, Alabama, USA


Actor (37)

Brewster's Millions 1945 (Movie)

Barbara Drew (Actor)

Up in Mabel's Room 1944 (Movie)

Mabel Essington (Actor)

Hit Parade of 1943 1942 (Movie)

Toni Jarrett (Actor)

My Favorite Wife 1940 (Movie)


Man of Conquest 1938 (Movie)


Dangerous to Know 1937 (Movie)

Margaret Van Case (Actor)

King of Alcatraz 1937 (Movie)

Dale Borden (Actor)

Mad About Music 1937 (Movie)

Gwen Taylor (Actor)

Artists and Models 1936 (Movie)

Cynthia Wentworth (Actor)

Stage Door 1936 (Movie)

Linda Shaw (Actor)

My Man Godfrey 1935 (Movie)


Death Takes a Holiday 1933 (Movie)

Rhoda (Actor)

Murders in the Zoo 1932 (Movie)


Claudia and David (Movie)

Julia Naughton (Actor)

Doubting Thomas (Movie)

Florence McCrickett (Actor)

Grand Jury Secrets (Movie)

Agnes Carren (Actor)

Her Husband Lies (Movie)

Natalie Martin (Actor)

If I Had a Million (Movie)

Secretary (Actor)

Kathleen (Movie)

Lorraine Bennett (Actor)

Love Crazy (Movie)

Isobel Grayson (Actor)

Mama Loves Papa (Movie)


Mississippi (Movie)

Elvira Rumford (Actor)

Murder at the Vanities (Movie)

Sadie Evans (Actor)

No More Ladies (Movie)

Theresa Germaine (Actor)

Pick-Up (Movie)

Pantry Girl (Actor)

Quiet Please, Murder (Movie)

Myra Blandy (Actor)

Take the Stand (Movie)


Tales of Manhattan (Movie)

Ellen (Actor)

The Doctor Takes a Wife (Movie)

Marilyn Thomas (Actor)

The Lone Wolf Returns (Movie)

Marcia Stewart (Actor)

The Madonna's Secret (Movie)

Ella Randolph (Actor)

The Phantom Broadcast (Movie)

Laura Hamilton (Actor)

Wagon Wheels (Movie)

Nancy Wellington (Actor)

Wanderer of the Wasteland (Movie)

Ruth Virey (Actor)

We Were Dancing (Movie)

Linda Wayne (Actor)

Wives under Suspicion (Movie)

Lucy Stowell (Actor)

Women in Bondage (Movie)

Margot Bracken (Actor)


Thomas Jackson

divorced 1969


Howard College


University of Alabama Law School

attended short time