Garry Goodrow

Born: 11/04/1933


Actor (33)

Helicopter 1999 (Movie)

Speed Hippie (Actor)

Sudden Manhattan 1997 (Movie)

Fainting Man (Actor)

Once Around 1991 (Movie)

Additional Voice (Actor)

Circuitry Man 1990 (Movie)


Amazon Women on the Moon 1987 (Movie)

Checker Player (Actor)

Dirty Dancing 1987 (Movie)

Moe Pressman (Actor)

Gladiator 1985 - 1986 (TV Show)


Mr. & Mrs. Ryan 1985 - 1986 (TV Show)


The Sure Thing 1985 (Movie)

Pick-up Driver (Actor)

Hard to Hold 1984 (Movie)

Maitre d' (Actor)

The Lost Empire 1984 (Movie)

Doctor (Actor)

The Outlaws 1983 - 1984 (TV Show)


Breathless 1983 (Movie)

Berrutti (Actor)

Eating Raoul 1982 (Movie)

Drunk Swinger (Actor)

Off the Wall 1982 (Movie)


WKRP in Cincinnati 1978 - 1982 (TV Show)


Hero at Large 1980 (Movie)

TV Reporter (Actor)

The Hollywood Knights 1980 (Movie)

Jack Friedman (Actor)

Escape From Alcatraz 1979 (Movie)

Weston (Actor)

The Prey 1979 (Movie)

Sergeant Parsons (Actor)

American Hot Wax 1978 (Movie)


Foul Play 1978 (Movie)

Henpecked Husband (Actor)

Invasion of the Body Snatchers 1978 (Movie)

Boccardo (Actor)

Steelyard Blues 1973 (Movie)

Duval (Actor)

Glen and Randa 1971 (Movie)

Magicien (Actor)

Night Gallery 1969 - 1970 (TV Show)


Summertree 1970 (Movie)


Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice 1969 (Movie)

Bert (Actor)

The Connection 1962 (Movie)

Ernie (Actor)

The Gladiator (Movie)

Cadillac Drunk (Actor)

The Outlaws (Movie)

Hotel Clerk (Actor)

The Trial of Adolf Eichmann (TV Show)

Writer (2)

Honey, I Blew Up the Kid 1992 (Movie)


A Shock to the System 1990 (Movie)

dialogue (Writer (dialogue))