Gary Coleman In Critical Condition

Gary ColemanActor Gary Coleman is in critical condition in a Utah hospital after reportedly suffering a head injury. This is the third hospitalization of the year for the Diff’rent Strokes actor, who had a stroke while filming an episode of The Insider in January.

Coleman has a long history health problems, mainly connected to his history of kidney disease which he has suffered from since childhood and is responsible for stunting his growth. He has undergone at least two kidney transplants, and is currently on dialysis. He also had heart surgery last fall.

Coleman’s family has spoken to the press, but remain vague as to the star’s condition. “Anything they could say would be premature because they don’t know the full extent of his condition right now.” Remarked Coleman’s lawyer Randy Kester. Coleman’s wife, Shannon Price, released a statement to KUTV “We are asking for everyone’s prayers at this time. We hope those prayers are answered and that Gary will be able to recover and return home soon.”

Source: Popeater, Washington Post