Geldof’s awful Halloween memories

The socialite/model daughter of Irish rocker Bob Geldof, who dressed up as a hotdog, complete with mustard and ketchup, for the spookfest in New York on Saturday night (31Oct09), insists she never had fun at Halloween growing up in London – no matter how hard she tried.

And she’s still scarred by one party, where she was one of the only guests who bothered to dress up.

In her Nylon magazine column, she recalls, “I was 12, and everyone (was) rolling their eyes at me when I arrived, resplendent in terrifying wolf attire – a mask covered in fake blood and a hand-sewn grey furry onesie with (admittedly poorly attached) claws that hung from the sleeves.

“My best friend came as Dracula and was the only other person in costume aside from a few sheet ghosts… Everyone else was in jeans, and the only scary thing was the palpable sense of anxiety brought on by the lack of amusement.

“Dracula and I decided to go trick or treat. Most people we visited told us to f**k off; many didn’t even answer the door. I ended up with two chunks of old chocolate, a piece of string, and a slice of cucumber.

“Dracula and I walked home despondently, people laughing at us as we passed by.”