George Clooney Dating Actress Stacy Keibler

george clooneyWell we knew this silver fox wouldn’t last in the single world for very long, but it still sucks that just over a month following his split with Elisabetta Canalis, the glorified bachelor George Clooney is reportedly now on the rebound with actress Stacy Keibler. An insider close to Keibler dishes that “It’s more than just a fling.” Right, because that’s just not Clooney’s style. The former WWE wrestler/Dancing with the Stars competitor has supposedly known the hunky Oscar winner “four or five years,” the insider adds, and recently “reached out to one another through a mutual friend.” Looks like George is up for round 2 and ready to put Keibler through the Clooney ringer. Apparently the pair have been spending time together in London and at Clooney’s house near Lake Como in Italy.  The insider goes on to confess that “They’re basically exclusive at this point…they like each other’s sense of humor. Obviously they’re both physically attracted to one another.” Well obviously.

We’ll see. Exclusivity has never been Clooney’s strong point. Clooney and former girlfriend Canalis called it quits in late June, allegedly because she was anxious to marry and have a child, while he resented her attention-hogging habits. Keibler herself went through a break up last year after dating 7th Heaven actor Geoff Stults for five years. The insider warns us though to not expect to see the new couple hitting the red carpet together since they plan on keeping their romance completely private. Not sure how that’s going to get accomplished with you divulging all these details, but good luck with that. In the meantime, let’s place bets to see how long Clooney keeps this one around. Any takers?

Source: US