George Clooney Gets Top Honors At Palm Springs Film Festival

Although recent news regarding George Clooney seems to center around his ever-changing love life and past suicidal thoughts, it’s important to remember he is first and foremost a great actor. His award-winning track record speaks for itself (over the years he’s won an Academy Award and two Golden Globes), but the actor will soon be able to add yet another award to his collection. According to Access Hollywood, The Palm Springs International Film Festival will present the 50-year-old star with its Chairman’s Award in January for his many contributions to the entertainment industry.

Festival chairman Harold Matzner explained in a statement today the many reasons why Clooney deserves the award, calling the silver fox “a consummate actor, director, producer and screenwriter (who has) demonstrated that no discipline within the film industry is beyond his reach.” Additionally he said Clooney was being honored more specifically for his performance in the movie The Descendants, which hits theaters today, and for writing, producing, directing and starring in The Ides of March, which opened last month. Past recipients of the Chairman’s Award include Ben Affleck, Dustin Hoffman, and Nicole Kidman.

I think he’s a great pick for the award, especially with the superb films he’s made this year (I mean, anything with Ryan Gosling deserves two thumbs up!). And even though he suffers from some pretty serious commitment issues, his work is unforgettable. Plus, he’s devilishly handsome and incredibly charming — a deadly combination if there ever was one. Congratulations to Clooney!

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Source: Access Hollywood