George Clooney Lectures UN

George Clooney yesterday delivered a speech to the United Nations Security Council, urging them to act on the continuing violence in Sudan.

The Oscar winner warned members that genocide in the country’s Darfur region was taking place on their “watch.”

Speaking at a special informal session hosted by the UN’s U.S. ambassador John Bolton, Clooney–who spent time in Darfur in April–also warned if UN troops don’t enter the region by Oct. 1 “aid workers will have to leave and if they leave that leaves a couple of million people with absolutely nothing.”

He said, “I’m here to represent the voices of the people who cannot speak for themselves. We know how difficult a task this is… but you are the UN and this is the task that you have been given.

“It is the first genocide of the 21st Century and if it continues unchecked, it will not be the last.

“How you deal with it is your legacy. It’s your Rwanda, your Cambodia, your Auschwitz. We are one ‘yes’ away from ending it.”

Sudan rejected the last resolution to move 20,000 UN troops into the region.

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