George Clooney Says Skinny Dipping Is ‘A Tradition’ at His House

Traditions are a very important part of life. It’s these little rituals that help shape you to be the person you will become, whether it’s having a big family breakfast before opening presents on Christmas morning or being allowed to open one birthday present on the eve of your birthday (because it’s just so unfair to have to wait all night). Now, usually traditions mostly take place during the holidays, but there are some that can be carried out all year round — just ask America’s favorite bachelor, George Clooney. During an interview with US Weekly on Wednesday, the silver fox confessed that skinny dipping is something everyone who visits his Lake Como house in Italy must take part in. “[Skinny dipping] is a tradition at my house! It’s funny. Some people skinny dip, but I always go upstairs and put a suit on and then I jump in the lake,” he said. The hunky actor is apparently not aware of the rules of tradition — you need to actually participate for it to be a true tradition. Let’s work on this, George.

So who has been part of this nude tradition? Clooney’s co-star Marisa Tomei told Conan O’Brien on Tuesday about skinny dipping in the lake, confessing, “Charlie Rose can be hot. [He, Evan Rachel Wood and I] had some hijinks over there. We would all end up skinny dipping!” When asked what he thought of Tomei’s comments, the Ides of March star explained, “Let me tell you. First I got Walter Cronkite to jump in. Then I got David Gergen to jump in. And I used Walter Cronkite to get Gergen to jump in. And I used Marisa and Evan in the lake to get Charlie Rose to jump in.” Sounds like a well thought out process. But besides hosting Celebrities Gone Wild parties at his house, what else does the Oscar winner do to unwind? He playfully joked, “Drink!” Vegas eat your heart out — the real party is at Clooney’s house!

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Source: US