George Clooney Takes Blame for Drunken Danny DeVito

Oscar winner George Clooney is happy to take the blame for pal Danny DeVito’s intoxicated appearance on talk show The View–but he found his antics hilarious.

DeVito appeared drunk on the show last Wednesday after partying with Clooney and the pair’s publicist, Stan Rosenfeld, the night before.

Clooney tells USA Today, “Danny is a grown man. I know not to drink too much of it, because it is really strong. Danny kept going after I was done. He clearly got more hammered than I did.”

The two actors agreed to mention each other on TV talk shows the next day and Clooney was thrilled to see his pal looking the worse for wear on The View.

He says, “I came home from doing (Live with) Regis & Kelly and turned on The View to see Danny say something. The minute he walked out I thought, ‘Boy, this is going to be fun!'”

DeVito went on a rant against President George W. Bush, calling him “a numbnuts,” and described his sexual antics with wife Rhea Perlman when they stayed at the White House.

Clooney adds, “I don’t think anyone took great offense at it. He is one of the funny drunks in the world as opposed to the angry, mean ones. It actually, truly made me laugh until I cried when I watched him. So I’ll take the heat.”

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