George Clooney Will Not Run For President

Alec Baldwin’s interest in public office seems to make it necessary for reporters to ask actors who are over 45 years in age (and who devote a great amount of time to various charities) if they plan on running for public office. But aside from Baldwin (who changes his answers to whether or not he’d like to be the next mayor of NYC rather frequently), the most recent person to endure this line of questioning is George Clooney, who was approached by a reporter for People at the Venice Film Festival and asked if he had any desire to leave acting behind in favor of becoming the President of the United States. Clooney — who founded Not On Our Watch, which aims to stop genocide in Sudan with Brad Pitt, Don Cheadle, and Matt Damon — replied that he wasn’t at all interested in being the Commander in Chief, saying, “If I make a mistake it’s not going to cost 100,000 their lives. I’m very happy telling stories. Films don’t hurt people. They just get badly reviewed sometimes.” He continued: “I have a very nice life. I get to hang out with various seductive people, so I’ve no interest in [running for office].” Yeah, and as well all know, when you’re President, the first things to go are all the seductive people. And it’s just the worst.


Source: People