George Eastman

Inventor, Pioneer, Manufacturer
Born: 08/16/1942 in Genoa, , IT


Actor (20)

Christmas Rematch 2004 (Movie)

Stefano (Actor)

Dumb Dicks 1986 (Movie)


Hands of Steel 1986 (Movie)

Raoul Fernandez (Actor)

Le Foto di Gioia 1986 (Movie)


Regalo di Natale 1986 (Movie)

Stefano (Actor)

King David 1985 (Movie)

Goliath (Actor)

After the Fall of New York 1984 (Movie)

Big Ape (Actor)

Endgame 1984 (Movie)

Kurt Karnak (Actor)

Blastfighter 1982 (Movie)

Tom (Actor)

1990 i guerrieri del Bronx 1981 (Movie)


I Nuovi barbari 1981 (Movie)


La Guerra del Ferro Ironmaster 1981 (Movie)

Vude (Actor)

Call of the Wild 1975 (Movie)


Emanuelle e Francoise le sorelline 1975 (Movie)

Carlo (Actor)

Scalawag 1973 (Movie)

Don Aragon (Actor)

Baba Yaga 1972 (Movie)

Arno (Actor)

Fellini Satyricon 1970 (Movie)

Minotaur (Actor)

Belle Starr (Movie)

Writer (3)

Bloody Bird 1986 (Movie)


Bloody Bird 1986 (Movie)

From Idea (From Story)

Tower Of The Firstborn (TV Show)

Director (1)

Metamorphosis 1990 (Movie)



Maria Eastman


George Eastman

founded Eastman Commercial College in Rochester (New York) in 1859 died in 1868


dropped out of school when father died in 1868

studied accounting at night while working a day job as a messenger