George "Gabby" Hayes

Actor, Vaudevillian
Iconic cowboy sidekick George 'Gabby' Hayes juggled circus work and semi-professional baseball before running away from home at 17 to join a touring theater troupe. In 1914, he married Olive E. Ireland, and the two took ... Read more »
Born: 05/07/1885 in Wellsville, New York, USA


Actor (116)

Blue Steel 1991 (Movie)


Don't Fence Me In 1945 (Movie)


Marshal of Reno 1944 (Movie)


Tall in the Saddle 1943 (Movie)

Dave (Actor)

In Old Oklahoma 1942 (Movie)

Despirit Dean (Actor)

Dark Command 1939 (Movie)

Doc Grunch (Actor)

Melody Ranch 1939 (Movie)

Pop Laramie (Actor)

Man of Conquest 1938 (Movie)


The Plainsman 1936 (Movie)


The Lawless Nineties 1935 (Movie)

Major Carter (Actor)

$1,000 a Minute 1934 (Movie)

New Deal Watson (Actor)

Hopalong Cassidy 1934 (Movie)

Uncle Ben (Actor)

Rainbow Valley 1934 (Movie)


Texas Terror 1934 (Movie)

Sheriff Ed Williams (Actor)

The Lawless Frontier 1934 (Movie)


'Neath the Arizona Skies 1933 (Movie)


Randy Rides Alone 1933 (Movie)


The Lucky Texan 1933 (Movie)


The Man From Utah 1933 (Movie)


The Star Packer 1933 (Movie)


West of the Divide 1933 (Movie)


Riders of Destiny 1932 (Movie)


Border Devils 1931 (Movie)


Bad Man of Deadwood (Movie)

Professor Mortimer "Gabby" Blackstone (Actor)

Badman's Territory (Movie)

Coyote (Actor)

Bar 20 Justice (Movie)

Windy Halliday (Actor)

Bar 20 Rides Again (Movie)

Windy (Actor)

Bells of Rosarita (Movie)

Baggy Whittaker (Actor)

Big News (Movie)

Reporter (Actor)

Billy the Kid Returns (Movie)


Brand of Hate (Movie)

Bill Orkin (Actor)

Break the News (Movie)

President (Actor)

Breed of the Border (Movie)

Chuck Wiggins (Actor)

Call of the Prairie (Movie)

Shanghai (Actor)

Cavalier of the West (Movie)


Colorado (Movie)

Gabby (Actor)

Days of Jesse James (Movie)

Gabby (Actor)

Dragnet Patrol (Movie)


For the Defense (Movie)

Ben, the waiter (Actor)

Galloping Romeo (Movie)


God's Country and the Man (Movie)

Stingaree Kelly (Actor)

Gold Is Where You Find It (Movie)

Enoch Howitt (Actor)

Heart of the Golden West (Movie)

Gabby (Actor)

Heart of the West (Movie)

Windy (Actor)

Hidden Valley (Movie)

henchman (Actor)

Hills of Old Wyoming (Movie)

Windy (Actor)

Home in Oklahoma (Movie)

Gabby Whitaker (Actor)

Hoosier Schoolmaster (Movie)


Hopalong Cassidy Returns (Movie)

Windy Halliday (Actor)

Hopalong Rides Again (Movie)

Windy Halliday (Actor)

Howdy Doody (TV Show)


I Married a Doctor (Movie)

Agent (Actor)

In Old Caliente (Movie)

Gabby (Actor)

In Old Cheyenne (Movie)

Arapahoe Brown (Actor)

In Old Mexico (Movie)

Windy Halliday (Actor)

In Old Monterey (Movie)

Gabby Whittaker (Actor)

In Old Santa Fe (Movie)

Cactus (Actor)

Jesse James at Bay (Movie)

Sheriff (Actor)

Ladies Crave Excitement (Movie)

Dan McCloskey (Actor)

Let Freedom Ring (Movie)

"Pop" Wilkie (Actor)

Man from Cheyenne (Movie)

Gabby (Actor)

Mountain Music (Movie)

Grandpappy (Actor)

My Pal Trigger (Movie)

Gabby Kendrick (Actor)

Mystery Liner (Movie)

Watchman (Actor)

Nevada City (Movie)


North of the Rio Grande (Movie)

Windy (Actor)

Pride of the West (Movie)

Windy Halliday (Actor)

Red River Valley (Movie)


Return of the Bad Men (Movie)

John Pettit (Actor)

Riders of the Desert (Movie)


Ridin' Down the Canyon (Movie)

Gabby (Actor)

Robin Hood of the Pecos (Movie)

"Gabby" Hornaday (Actor)

Roll on Texas Moon (Movie)

Gabby Whittaker (Actor)

Romance on the Range (Movie)

Gabby (Actor)

Saga of Death Valley (Movie)

Gabby (Actor)

Sheriff of Tombstone (Movie)

Gabby (Actor)

Silver Spurs (Movie)

Drag Harlan (Actor)

Silver on the Sage (Movie)

Windy Halliday (Actor)

Song of the Trail (Movie)

Hobson (Actor)

Sons of the Pioneers (Movie)

Gabby Whittaker (Actor)

South of Santa Fe (Movie)

Mayor Whittaker (Actor)

Southward Ho! (Movie)

Gabby (Actor)

Sunset Serenade (Movie)

Gabby (Actor)

Sunset on the Desert (Movie)

Gabby Whittaker (Actor)

Texas Buddies (Movie)

Si Haller (Actor)

Texas Trail (Movie)

Windy Halliday (Actor)

The Arizona Kid (Movie)

Gabby (Actor)

The Cariboo Trail (Movie)

Grizzly (Actor)

The Carson City Kid (Movie)

Gabby (Actor)

The Eagle's Brood (Movie)

Spike (Actor)

The Gabby Hayes Show (TV Show)


The Gallant Fool (Movie)

Charles Denton (Actor)

The Lights of Old Santa Fe (Movie)

Gabby (Actor)

The Man from Thunder River (Movie)


The Nevada Buckaroo (Movie)

Cherokee (Actor)

The Outlaw Tamer (Movie)


The Phantom Broadcast (Movie)


The Ranger and the Lady (Movie)

Sgt. Whittaker (Actor)

The Renegade Trail (Movie)

Marshal "Windy" Halliday (Actor)

The Return of Casey Jones (Movie)


The Sphinx (Movie)

Casey (Actor)

The Throwback (Movie)

Ford Cruze (Actor)

Thunder Mountain (Movie)

Foley (Actor)

Trail Dust (Movie)

Windy (Actor)

Trail Street (Movie)

Billy Jones/Brandyhead Jones (Actor)

Tumbling Tumbleweeds (Movie)

Dr. Parker (Actor)

Under Nevada Skies (Movie)

Gabby Whittaker (Actor)

Utah (Movie)

Gabby (Actor)

Wagon Tracks West (Movie)

Gabby Whittaker (Actor)

Wall Street Cowboy (Movie)

Gabby (Actor)

Wild Horse Mesa (Movie)

Slack (Actor)

Winner Take All (Movie)

Intern (Actor)

Without Honors (Movie)


Wyoming (Movie)

Windy (Actor)

Young Bill Hickok (Movie)

"Gabby" (Actor)

Young Buffalo Bill (Movie)

"Gabby" (Actor)


Iconic cowboy sidekick George 'Gabby' Hayes juggled circus work and semi-professional baseball before running away from home at 17 to join a touring theater troupe. In 1914, he married Olive E. Ireland, and the two took to vaudeville, where they were so successful Hayes retired by his 40s. However, the stock market crash of 1929 forced Hayes to re-enter the job market. At his wife's urging they moved to Los Angeles, where Hayes's comedic timing and grizzled look served him well. By the mid-1930's, Hayes had appeared in numerous films - many of them westerns. (While Hayes played villains and sidekicks, he is best remembered for the latter.) His first claim to fame was as sidekick Windy Halliday in the Hopalong Cassidy films. When Hayes left over a salary dispute, he was legally barred from using "Windy," and so took on the moniker "Gabby," after playing Gabby Whitaker in 1939's "Southward Ho". This particular character would go on to appear in over 30 westerns, and became a noted element of the genre's iconography. Hayes worked opposite western stars like Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, and John Wayne, with whom he shared the screen 15 times. In 1956, he left film for television with the western-themed children's program "The Gabby Hayes Show". Hayes retired for good in 1958, and died 11 years later, leaving behind nearly 200 films and a legacy of rootin' tootin' laughter.