George Jenkins

Production designer, Lighting director, Set designer
A versatile and prolific production designer, George Jenkins learned his craft as assistant to famed stage designer Jo Mielziner. After a brief period as an art director in Hollywood (on such films as "The Best Years of ... Read more »
Born: 11/19/1908 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA


Art Department (32)

Presumed Innocent 1990 (Movie)

(Production Designer)

See You in the Morning 1989 (Movie)

(Production Designer)

Orphans 1987 (Movie)

(Production Designer)

Dream Lover 1986 (Movie)

(Production Designer)

Sophie's Choice 1982 (Movie)

(Production Designer)

Rollover 1981 (Movie)

(Production Designer)

The Postman Always Rings Twice 1981 (Movie)

(Production Designer)

Starting Over 1979 (Movie)

(Production Designer)

The China Syndrome 1979 (Movie)

(Production Designer)

Comes a Horseman 1978 (Movie)

(Production Designer)

All the President's Men 1976 (Movie)

(Production Designer)

Funny Lady 1975 (Movie)

(Production Designer)

Night Moves 1975 (Movie)

(Production Designer)

The Parallax View 1974 (Movie)

(Production Designer)

The Paper Chase 1973 (Movie)

(Production Designer)

Klute 1971 (Movie)

(Art Director)

The Angel Levine 1970 (Movie)

(Production Designer)

The Pursuit of Happiness 1970 (Movie)

art direction (Art Director)

Me, Natalie 1969 (Movie)

art direction (Art Director)

No Way to Treat a Lady 1968 (Movie)

art direction (Art Director)

The Subject Was Roses 1968 (Movie)

art direction (Art Director)

Up the Down Staircase 1967 (Movie)

art direction (Art Director)

Wait Until Dark 1967 (Movie)

art direction (Art Director)

Mickey One 1965 (Movie)

(Production Designer)

The Miracle Worker 1961 (Movie)

art direction (Art Director)

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 1947 (Movie)

art direction (Art Director)

The Best Years of Our Lives 1946 (Movie)

art direction (Art Director)

A Song Is Born (Movie)

(Art Director)

Enchantment (Movie)

(Art Director)

Roseanna McCoy (Movie)

(Art Director)

The Dollmaker (TV Show)

Production Designer

The San Francisco Story (Movie)

(Production Designer)


A versatile and prolific production designer, George Jenkins learned his craft as assistant to famed stage designer Jo Mielziner. After a brief period as an art director in Hollywood (on such films as "The Best Years of Our Lives" 1946 and "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty" 1947), he spent much of the 1950s dividing his time between the Broadway stage and television. During that decade, Jenkins worked as a color specialist at both NBC and CBS as well as designed such plays and musicals as "The Desk Set" (1954), "The Happiest Millionaire" (1957) and a revival of "Annie Get Your Gun" (1958).

Jenkins twice worked onstage with director Arthur Penn and writer William Gibson on "Two for the Seesaw" (1958) and "The Miracle Worker" (1959). Penn hired the designer to recreate his work on the 1962 film version of "The Miracle Worker". At that point, Jenkins' feature work accelerated and he contributed meticulous and original settings for a number of fine films. For "Wait Until Dark" (1967), he assisted in creating the contemporary Greenwich Village apartment of Audrey Hepburn's character. In contrast, "1776" (1972) required designs that implied Colonial America while "Funny Lady" (1975) featured extravagant Broadway-style musical numbers. Jenkins enjoyed a long and successful screen collaboration with director Alan J Pakula dating from "Klute" (1971). He shared an Oscar for his recreation of the newsrooms of THE WASHINGTON POST and other capitol settings in "All the President's Men" (1976). Perhaps his most challenging work for Pakula came with "Sophie's Choice" (1982) which required a recreation of 1950s Brooklyn as well as Nazi concentration camps. Jenkins final screen work included the courtroom settings for Pakula's "Presumed Innocent" (1990).


Jane Jenkins


Phyllis Adams

Married on May 6, 1955 until her death 2004

Jane Dumaise

mother, Jenkins' first wife

Benjamin Jenkins


Alexandra Marsh


Barbara Wylie



University of Pennsylvania

Philadelphia , Pennsylvania 1929 - 1931



Last film credit and final collaboration with Pakula, "Presumed Innocent"


TV-movie debut, "The Dollmaker"


Shared Oscar nomination for production design on "The China Syndrome"


Final Broadway production, "Sly Fox"


Shared Oscar for Best Art Direction/Set Decoration for Pakula's "All the President's Men"


Was production desinger on the film musical "Funny Lady"


First collaboration with director Alan J Pakula, "Klute"


Worked again with Penn on "Mickey One"


Returned to features as art director for Arthur Penn's "The Miracle Worker"


Designed the stage production "The Miracle Worker"; earned a Tony nomination


Received first Tony nominations for "The Happiest Millionaire" and "Too Late the Philarope"


Last feature work for over a decade, art direction on "Roseanna McCoy"


Feature debut, credited for art direction, "The Best Years of Our Lives"


Broadway debut as set and lighting designer, "Early to Bed"


Worked as an interior and industrial designer

Taught motion picture design at UCLA

Designed sets for the CBS variety program "New Revue"

Was plant engineer at Simmons Aerocessories Co.

Served as assistant to famed scenic designer Jo Mielziner

Worked for both NBC and CBS as a color director and color specialist during the 1950's