George Lewis


Actor (39)

Al Jennings of Oklahoma (Movie)

Sammy Page (Actor)

Back Door to Heaven (Movie)

Bob Hale (Actor)

Beauty and the Bandit (Movie)

Captain (Actor)

Beware Spooks! (Movie)

Danny Emmett (Actor)

Black Arrow (Movie)

Snake-That-Walks (Actor)

Blackmail (Movie)

Blue Chip Winslow (Actor)

Captain Calamity (Movie)

Black Pierre (Actor)

Casbah (Movie)

Detective (Actor)

Charlie Chan in the Secret Service (Movie)

Paul Arranto (Actor)

Crashing Thru (Movie)


Crooked River (TV Show)


Docks of New Orleans (Movie)

Dansiger (Actor)

Flesh and Fantasy (Movie)

Harlequin (Actor)

Hold That Line (Movie)

Mike Donelli (Actor)

It Started With Eve (Movie)

Maitre D' (Actor)

Lady on a Train (Movie)


No Hands on the Clock (Movie)

Paulson (Actor)

One Touch of Venus (Movie)


Perils of Nyoka (Movie)

Batan (Actor)

Pirates of Monterey (Movie)

Pirate (Actor)

Red Mountain (Movie)

Quantrell Man (Actor)

Renegades of Sonora (Movie)


Silver Trails (Movie)

Jose (Actor)

South of Caliente (Movie)


South of the Rio Grande (Movie)

Miguel Sanchez (Actor)

Storm over the Andes (Movie)

Garcia (Actor)

Tap Roots (Movie)


Tarzan and the Leopard Woman (Movie)

Corporal (Actor)

The Falcon in Mexico (Movie)

Mexican Detective (Actor)

The Feathered Serpent (Movie)

Capt. Juan Gonzalez (Actor)

The Headline Woman (Movie)

O'Shay (Actor)

The Iron Mistress (Movie)

Col. Wells (Actor)

The Missing Lady (Movie)

John Field (Actor)

The Veils of Bagdad (Movie)

Captain (Actor)

The Wistful Widow of Wagon Gap (Movie)

Cow Puncher (Actor)

Under Nevada Skies (Movie)

Flying Eagle (Actor)

When My Baby Smiles at Me (Movie)

Comic (Actor)

Wolf Dog (Movie)

Bob Whitlock (Actor)