George Lopez Remebers Fellow Comedian Bernie Mac

Hollywood is already feeling the loss of one of their own, Bernie Mac. While talking with press about his new film Henry Poole Is HereGeorge Lopez took a moment to reflect on his friend’s life and career.

Bernie Mac had been doing stand up for a long time,” Lopez told reporters. “He started in Chicago and really did it the old fashioned way where you do your time and work in the clubs and you develop a following. Even when they did Kings of Comedy he was the least known of the guys at that particular time and I think even in the DVD he said, ‘All these guys are stars and I’m still trying to get my shot’ and he got his shot.” 

Lopez credited Mac’s original style for the comedian’s success, which included hits like The Bernie Mac Show, Charlie’s Angels: Full ThrottleMr. 3000 and more.

“He was one of those comics that was unique because of his approach, his look, his voice, the content of his material [and] the fact that he was a father who was a little rougher on the kids, but you understood because of that background I know a lot of us have had.” 

Lopez went on to say, “At 50 years old he will be sorely missed and to be such a good father to your kids and to be a great husband and not be around is really difficult for everybody. As comics we are all brothers and I’ll miss him a lot. He was a good friend of mine.”