George Siegmann


Actor (17)

King of Kings 1926 (Movie)


Uncle Tom's Cabin 1926 (Movie)


Anna Christie 1922 (Movie)


Scaramouche 1922 (Movie)


Oliver Twist 1921 (Movie)


The Three Musketeers 1920 (Movie)


Birth of a Nation 1915 (Movie)


A Sainted Devil (Movie)

El Tigre (Actor)

Desperate Trails (Movie)

Sheriff Price (Actor)

Hell's Hole (TV Show)


Hotel Imperial (Movie)

General Juschkiewitsch (Actor)

Manhattan Madness (Movie)


Revelation (Movie)

Hofer (Actor)

The Avenging Conscience (Movie)

The Italian (Actor)

The Big Punch (Movie)

Flash McGraw (Actor)

The Man Who Laughs (Movie)

Dr. Hardqucinnone (Actor)

The Queen of Sheba (Movie)

Armud of Sheba (Actor)
Director (1)

Atta Boy's Last Race (Movie)