Gerald Peary


Writer (2)

Spanish Fly 1999 (Movie)

story editor (Story By)
Actor (1)

Computer Chess 2013 (Movie)

Pat Henderson (Actor)
Other (1)

Spanish Fly 1999 (Movie)

script consultant (Consultant)



Wrote and directed the documentary "Archie’s Betty."


Wrote as a columnist and film critic for The Boston Phoenix.


Worked as a story editor on the film "Twist."


Studied Yugoslavian comedy as a Fulbright Fellow in Belgrade.


Published his first book, Rita Hayworth: A Pyramid Illustrated History of the Movies.

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Is the brother of sports writer Danny Peary.


"I’m a film critic for my love of film. I want other people to see the same films that I saw and love. From the age of four, I was going to movies all the time. And I think a lot of film critics got caught at an early age with being completely enraptured by this media, especially seeing it on the big screen. I think film bit me in some way, and that’s why I like it." - from BU Today, Nov. 12, 2008


"It’s hard to say why it’s eternally important. But certainly, right now it’s very important because we’re in a strange time where there are too many movies coming out. Every Friday, an extraordinary amount of films are released. And the ones with the largest advertising budgets get people to the movies. So the only way a little movie can be discovered by an educated audience is to have a film critic champion it and write about it in a way that will excite an audience to see it." - from BU Today, Nov. 12, 2008