Gerard Butler in Rehab For Pills

gerard butlerIt looks like Gerard Butler is hopping on the Hollywood Rehab train because, according to TMZ, the actor is currently being treated for substance abuse at the Betty Ford Center. And supposedly he’s been there for three weeks.

TMZ learned that Butler’s problems were triggered all the way back in 2006 due to the physical demands of shooting the action film 300. Butler even admitted how hard it was to revert back to his normal routine when filming wrapped, telling The Daily Mail, “There was definitely a period of adjustment and physical pain because I stopped training. That was the worst thing I could have done.”

Since then, the Hollywood star has continually struggled with pain management. And the pill reliance became exacerbated after Butler was badly hurt during a surfing accident last December while filming Of Men and Mavericks.

However, Butler did something not many other celebs ever have the courage to do: he got help. Once the actor realized he was relying too heavily on prescription drugs, Butler decided to avoid a full-blown addiction by seeking out assistance. He is said to be leaving the Betty Ford Center later today. We wish him a speedy recovery.

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