Gérard Depardieu

Actor, Director, Singer
Alternately described as the "French Robert De Niro," an international sex symbol, or simply a "loutish giant," acclaimed actor Gerard Depardieu was nonetheless universally regarded as one of the finest international ... Read more »
Born: 12/27/1948 in France


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Balzac: A Life of Passion 2000 - 2001 (TV Show)


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Asterix and Obelix vs. Caesar 1999 (Movie)

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The Count of Monte Cristo 1998 - 1999 (TV Show)


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Unhook the Stars 1996 (Movie)

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A Pure Formality 1995 (Movie)

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Elisa 1995 (Movie)

Lubovitch (Actor)

Guardian Angels 1995 (Movie)


Colonel Chabert 1994 (Movie)

Chabert (Actor)

Francois Truffaut: Stolen Portraits 1994 (Movie)

Himself (Actor)

Helas Pour Moi 1994 (Movie)

Simon Donnadieu (Actor)

Le Garcu 1994 (Movie)

Gerard (Actor)

My Father, the Hero 1994 (Movie)

Andre (Actor)

The Machine 1994 (Movie)

Marc (Actor)

Columbus: The World's First Astronaut 1992 - 1993 (TV Show)


Germinal 1993 (Movie)

Maheu (Actor)

1492: The Conquest of Paradise 1992 (Movie)

Christopher Columbus (Actor)

Tous les matins du monde 1992 (Movie)

Marin Marias (Actor)

Merci, la vie 1991 (Movie)

Marc "Doctor Worms" Antoine (Actor)

Mon Pere Ce Heros 1991 (Movie)

Andre (Actor)

Stavisky 1991 (Movie)

Matriscope Inventor (Actor)

Uranus 1991 (Movie)

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Cyrano de Bergerac 1990 (Movie)

Cyrano de Bergerac (Actor)

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Too Beautiful For You 1990 (Movie)

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Deux 1989 (Movie)

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of Henry V (Voice)

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Les Fugitifs 1986 (Movie)

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Menage 1986 (Movie)

Bob (Actor)

Police 1986 (Movie)

Mangin--the Detective (Actor)

Rue du depart 1986 (Movie)

Dr Lombart--Clara's Father (Actor)

Les Comperes 1984 (Movie)

Jean Lucas (Actor)

Tartuffe 1984 (Movie)

Tartuffe (Actor)

Fort Saganne 1983 (Movie)

Charles Saganne (Actor)

Rive droite, rive gauche 1983 (Movie)


The Moon in the Gutter 1983 (Movie)

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Danton 1982 (Movie)

Danton (Actor)

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Wajda's Danton 1982 (Movie)

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The Choice of Weapons 1981 (Movie)

Mickey (Actor)

The Last Metro 1981 (Movie)

Bernard Granger (Actor)

The Return of Martin Guerre 1981 (Movie)

Martin Guerre (Actor)

Loulou 1980 (Movie)

Loulou (Actor)

Mon oncle d'Amerique 1980 (Movie)

Rene Ragueneau (Actor)

The Woman Next Door 1980 (Movie)

Bernard Coudray (Actor)

Get Out Your Handkerchiefs 1979 (Movie)

Raoul (Actor)

I Love You 1979 (Movie)

Patrick (Actor)

Inspecteur la Bavure 1979 (Movie)

Roger Morzini (Actor)

Bye Bye Monkey 1978 (Movie)

Gerard Lafayette (Actor)

Hurricane Rosy 1978 (Movie)


1900 1977 (Movie)

Olmo Dalco (Actor)

Le Sucre 1977 (Movie)

Raoul Renaud Homecourt (Actor)

Les Chiens 1977 (Movie)

Morel (Actor)

Barocco 1976 (Movie)

Samson (Actor)

Baxter, Vera Baxter 1976 (Movie)

Michel Cayre (Actor)

Die Linkshandige Frau 1976 (Movie)

Man with the T-shirt (Actor)

Tell Him I Love Him 1976 (Movie)

David Martinaud (Actor)

The Truck 1976 (Movie)

Man (Actor)

La Nuit tous les chats sont gris 1975 (Movie)

Philibert (Actor)

Rene la Canne 1975 (Movie)

Rene the Cane (Actor)

The Last Woman 1975 (Movie)

Gerard (Actor)

Violanta 1975 (Movie)


Going Places 1974 (Movie)

Jean-Claude (Actor)

Je T'Aime Moi Non Plus 1974 (Movie)


Mistress 1974 (Movie)

Olivier (Actor)

Seven Deaths By Prescription 1974 (Movie)

Berg (Actor)

That Wonderful Crook 1973 (Movie)

Pierre (Actor)

Vincent, Francois, Paul... et les Autres 1973 (Movie)

Jean (Actor)

Au Rendez-Vous de la mort joyeuse 1972 (Movie)


Deux hommes dans la ville 1972 (Movie)


Rude journee pour la reine 1972 (Movie)


The Holes 1972 (Movie)

Postman (Actor)

L' Affaire Dominici 1971 (Movie)

Clovis (Actor)

La Scoumoune 1971 (Movie)


Le Viager 1971 (Movie)


The Killer 1970 (Movie)


Un Peu de soleil dans l'eau froide 1970 (Movie)

Pierre (Actor)

Nathalie Granger 1872 (Movie)

Door-to-Door Salesman (Actor)

Disco (Movie)


In the Beginning (Movie)

Abel (Actor)
Producer (4)

Un Pont Entre Deux Rives 2000 (Movie)


She's So Lovely 1997 (Movie)

(Executive Producer)

Shakha Proshaka 1990 (Movie)


A Strange Place to Meet 1988 (Movie)

Director (3)

Paris, I Love You 2007 (Movie)

("Quartier Latin") (Director)

Un Pont Entre Deux Rives 2000 (Movie)

(Co-Director) (Director)

Tartuffe 1984 (Movie)

Writer (1)

Tartuffe 1984 (Movie)

adaptation (Writer (adaptation))


Alternately described as the "French Robert De Niro," an international sex symbol, or simply a "loutish giant," acclaimed actor Gerard Depardieu was nonetheless universally regarded as one of the finest international performers of his generation. Miraculously emerging from a childhood of delinquency and crime, Depardieu found his salvation in the theater, and later began working steadily with small roles on French television and in films like "Going Places" (1974), "Barocco" (1976) and "Get Out Your Handkerchiefs" (1977). He won his first César Award under the guidance of New Wave master François Truffaut in "The Last Metro" (1980), directed himself ably in "Le Tartuffe" (1984) and crossed the Atlantic with great success in "Green Card" (1990). More than 20 years into his heralded career, Depardieu continued to garner accolades with leading roles in sweeping period dramas such as "Colonel Chabert" (1994), as well as crowd pleasing fluff like "Asterix & Obelix vs. Caesar" (1999). Despite an apparently empty threat to retire from film completely in 2005, the seemingly tireless actor went on to appear in dozens of films, including the Academy Award-winning biopic "La Vie en Rose" (2007). As an actor, Depardieu brought his own well-documented lust for life to each and every role he inhabited with the tireless dedication of a master artist completely dedicated to his craft.


Carole Bouquet Actor

Met 1979 Became romantically involved 1997 Ended relationship 2005

Guillaume Depardieu Actor

Born April 7, 1971; mother, Elisabeth Depardieu; injured in motorcycle crash October 1995 and later had leg amputated due to a staph infection; won 1995 Cesar Award for Best Young Actor Died Oct. 13, 2008 at the age of 37 after contracting pneumonia

Elisabeth Depardieu Actor

Married Feb. 19, 1971 While separated in 1992, he had a daughter, Roxanne, with model Karine Sylla Divorced 1996

Julie Depardieu Actor

Born June 18, 1973; mother, Elisabeth Depardieu

Rene Depardieu


Eliette Depardieu


Roxanne Depardieu

Born Jan. 28, 1992; mother, Karine Sylla

Clementine Igou

Former literature student at Harvard University; administered a wine-growing estate in Tuscany Together since 2005; she was 25 years his junior

Karine Sylla

Introduced by tennis player Yannick Noah 1991 Gave birth daughter Roxanne 1992 No longer together; she later married actor Vincent Perez 1998


Left school at the age of 13 to be trained as a printer

Théâtre National Populaire




Cast as the French cook in Ang Lee's feature adaptation of "The Life of Pi"


Starred in French drama "Mammuth," directed by Benoît Delépine and Gustave de Kervern


Starred in "Bellamy," the last film directed by Claude Chabrol


Co-starred in award-winning biopic " La vie en rose " opposite Marion Cotillard as French singer Edith Piaf


Cast as a renowned chef in "Last Holiday," starring Queen Latifah


Played a dance hall singer in writer-director Xavier Giannoli's "The Singer"


Co-starred with Monica Bellucci in Blier's "Combien tu m'aimes?/How Much Do You Love Me?"


Co-starred in A&E miniseries "Napoléon"; also featured John Malkovich


Portrayed a French expatriate in "Beneath the Banyan Trees"


Reprised role of Obelix in "Asterix and Obelix: Mission Cleopatra," the sequel to the international hit "Asterix and Obelix"


Appeared in title role of the thriller "Vidocq"


Starred as the title character in the miniseries "Balzac: A Life of Passion" (Bravo)


Played a capable steward coveted by King Louis XIV in "Vatel"; screened at Cannes to a less than stellar reception


Seventh collaboration with Blier, "Les Acteurs"


Co-directed (with Fred Auburtin) the feature "Un Pont entre deux rives/The Bridge"


Starred as Obelix in the live-action version of the popular comic book "Asterix and Obelix contre Caesar"


Returned to the Paris stage for the first time in 15 years to star in "The Gates of Heaven"


Had a small role as a compassionate lawyer in the romantic drama "La parola amore esiste/The Word Love Exists"


Co-starred with John Malkovich and Jeremy Irons in the swashbuckling adventure "The Man in the Iron Mask"


Executive produced the Nick Cassavetes directed "She's So Lovely," starring Robin Wright Penn and Sean Penn


Played a duplicitous anarchist in the adaptation of Joseph Conrad's "The Secret Agent"


Cast opposite Gena Rowlands in "Unhook the Stars," directed by Rowlands' son Nick Cassavetes


Featured as Polonius' servant Reynaldo in Kenneth Branagh's full-length film version of Shakespeare's "Hamlet"


Played title character in the war drama "Le Colonel Chabert/Colonel Chabert"


Reprised role of a bewildered father in "My Father, the Hero," the American version of "Mon père, ce héros"


Played a miner in 1880s Northern France in Claude Berri's "Germinal"


Played famed explorer Christopher Columbus in "1492: Conquest of Paradise"


Shared the screen with real-life son Guillame in "Tous les matins du monde/All the Mornings of the World"; son portrayed the same character as his father in flashbacks


Seen as an unscrupulous doctor in Blier's "Merci la vie/Thanks for Life"


Received Academy Award nomination and a Cesar Award for Best Actor for portrayal of "Cyrano de Bergerac"


Portrayed a divorced father trying to reconnect with his willful teenage daughter in "Mon père, ce héros"


Made English-language acting debut in the romantic comedy "Green Card"


First film as producer (with co-star Catherine Deneuve and two others), "Drole d'endroit pour une rencontre"


Co-starred with Isabelle Adjani in "Camille Claudel"


Offered strong turn in the title role of "Jean de Floret"; directed by Claude Berri


Starred in the musical "Lily Passion" at Au Zenith


First film as co-director (with Helene Viard), "Le Tartuffe"


Appeared on stage in "Tartuffe"


Garnered international attention for playing the title role in Andrzej Wajda's "Danton"


Played a man who may or may not be who he claims in "Le Retour de Martin Guerre/The Return of Martin Guerre"


Again collaborated with director Truffaut for "La Femme d'a cote/The Woman Next Door"


Won acclaim for his performance in Francois Truffaut's "Le Derniere Metro/The Last Metro"


Re-teamed with Marguerite Duras for "Le Camion"


Re-teamed with Blier for the Oscar-nominated foreign film "Get Out Your Handkerchiefs/Preparez vos mouchoirs"


Cast in a supporting role in Bernardo Bertolucci's "1900"


Featured in Barbet Schroeder's "Maitresse/Mistress"


Re-teamed with director Bertrand Blier to star in "Les Valseuses"


Featured in "Vincent, François, Paul...et les autres," starring Yves Montand


First major film and first collaboration with director Bertrand Blier, "Les Valseuses/Going Places"


Appeared in a supporting role opposite Jeanne Moreau in "Nathalie Granger"; directed by Marguerite Duras


Feature acting debut, "Le Tueur/The Killer"


Made stage debut in the play "Les Garcons de la bande/The Boys in the Band"


Made TV debut on the series "Rendez-vous à Badenberg"


Short film acting debut, "Le Beatnik et le minet"; directed by Roger Leenhardt

Became affiliated with Cafe de la Gare, alongside Patrick Dewaere, Coluche and Miou-Miou

Attended drama classes at Théâtre National Populaire at age 16

Bonus Trivia


Depardieu left school at age 13 and went to live with two prostitutes.


In a 1991 profile of the actor, Time magazine incorrectly suggested that Depardieu had participated in a rape when he was nine years old. That story was based on a 1978 interview, which the actor claimed had been incorrectly translated and therefore misinterpreted.


Depardieu was promoted to the rank of Chevalier in the French Legion of Honor in 1995.


He underwent coronary bypass surgery in Paris on July 12, 2000.


Yves Angelo, who directed him in "Le Colonel Chabert" (1994), describes him thus: "An animal, but warm and generous; you can tame him. He has to like the person who takes him in hand. He acts purely on instinct, but if he likes you, he has this astonishing instinct for the part." – from The Guardian, Dec. 22, 2000


On Aug. 16, 2011, Depardieu was on a CityJet flight from Paris to Dublin that was delayed on the tarmac when he asked to use the bathroom. After being told he had to wait until takeoff, he reportedly relieved himself in the aisle.


In January 2013, it was reported Depardieu became a Russian citizen to avoid high taxes in his native France. The actor denied the reports, announcing instead that he sought dual citizenship in France and Belgium.