Get Free Counseling at Lady Gaga’s Concert

Lady GagaLady Gaga won’t just be providing a stellar (and likely rambunctious) show on the next leg of her Born This Way Ball tour. The star is attempting to create a judge-free environment for fans seeking a safe haven to talk out their issues. The singer took to her Facebook page to announce plans for a counseling center of sorts on her BornBrave Bus. Describing the pre-show as a “fun tailgating experience for monsters to unite,” Gaga continues: “BornBrave Bus Is a place where mental health + depression are taken seriously w/ no judgement, FREE real help available to all. I feel like most kids don’t look for help because they feel embarrassed so mom + I wanted to break the stigmas around “help” and make it fun.”

This isn’t the first time the singer has promoted a mental health community – her Born This Way Foundation, founded in 2011, is all about embracing individuality. What do you think of her latest program?

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