Ghita Nørby


Actor (38)

Jauja 2015 (Movie)

Woman on the cave (Actor)

Den Ubetaenksomme Elsker 2014 (Movie)


Grev Axel 2014 (Movie)

Baroness Gjerlov (Actor)

Silent Heart 2014 (Movie)

Esther (Actor)

Mennesker I Solen 2011 (Movie)


Everlasting Moments 2009 (Movie)

Frk. Fagerdal (Actor)

Julefrokosten 2009 (Movie)

Gerda (Actor)

O'Horten 2009 (Movie)

Fru Thogesen (Actor)

Original 2009 (Movie)


Gud Lukt och Henne 2008 (Movie)


What No One Knows 2008 (Movie)

Ingrid Deleuran (Actor)

Fyra veckor i juni 2005 (Movie)


Fyra veckor i juni 2005 (Movie)


Inheritance 2004 (Movie)

Annelise (Actor)

Shake It All About 2001 (Movie)


Help! I'm A Fish 2000 (Movie)

of Aunt Anna (Voice)

A Place Nearby 1999 (Movie)

Mrs Nielsen (Actor)

Ungfruin goda og husid 1999 (Movie)

Fru Kristensen (Actor)

The Kingdom II 1998 (Movie)

Rigmer Mortenson (Actor)

The Man Who Would Live Forever 1998 (Movie)

Lorentzon (Actor)

Hamsun 1997 (Movie)

Marie Hamsun (Actor)

Sekten 1996 (Movie)


Like It Never Was Before 1995 (Movie)

Hjordis (Actor)

The Kingdom 1995 (Movie)

Rigmor (Actor)

Family Matters 1993 (Movie)

Jan's Mother (Actor)

Sofie 1993 (Movie)

Sofie's Mother (Actor)

The Best Intentions 1992 (Movie)

Karin Akerblom--Anna's Mother (Actor)

Dansen med Regitze 1991 (Movie)

Regitze (Actor)

Freud Leaves Home 1991 (Movie)

Rosha Cohen (Actor)

Twice Upon a Time 1990 (Movie)

Rut (Actor)

Arhus By Night 1989 (Movie)

Frederik's Mother (Actor)

Walter og Carlo i New York 1989 (Movie)

Police Officer's Wife (Actor)

Babette's gastebud 1988 (Movie)

Narration(Danish version) (Narrator)

Katinka 1988 (Movie)

Miss Helene Jensen (Actor)

Hip, Hip, Hurrah! 1987 (Movie)

Henny (Actor)

The Wolf at the Door 1987 (Movie)

Ida Molard (Actor)

Pengene Eller Livet 1981 (Movie)


Sangen om den Rode Rubin 1969 (Movie)

Embla (Actor)