Giacomo Rossi Stuart


Actor (30)

Love Games (Sette Ragazze Di Classe) 1978 (Movie)

Enrico Cavallari (Actor)

Emanuella Nera Orient Reportage 1975 (Movie)


Zorro 1974 (Movie)

Fritz von Merkel (Actor)

Sette Scialli di Seta Gialla 1971 (Movie)

Victor (Actor)

The Weekend Murders 1971 (Movie)

Nephew Ted (Actor)

The Five Man Army 1970 (Movie)

Mexican Officer (Actor)

War Between the Planets 1970 (Movie)


Hornet's Nest 1969 (Movie)


The Last Day of the War 1968 (Movie)

Kendall (Actor)

The Glass Spinx 1967 (Movie)

Ray (Actor)

The Last Man on Earth 1963 (Movie)


The Three Lives of Thomasina 1963 (Movie)

Birnie (Actor)

Tom Jones 1963 (Movie)

MacLachlan (Actor)

Gringo 1962 (Movie)

Sheriff Corbet (Actor)

Sodoma e Gomorra 1961 (Movie)

Ishmael (Actor)

Kidnapped 1960 (Movie)


The Frightened City 1960 (Movie)

Tyson (Actor)

The Pirates of Blood River 1960 (Movie)

Mason (Actor)

The House of Intrigue 1958 (Movie)

Henry (Actor)

The Silent Enemy 1958 (Movie)

Rosati (Actor)

A Farewell to Arms 1957 (Movie)

Carabiniere (Actor)

Finger of Guilt 1956 (Movie)


Steel Bayonet 1956 (Movie)

Wentworth (Actor)

The Spanish Gardener 1955 (Movie)

Police Escort (Actor)

The Little Kidnappers 1953 (Movie)

Dominie (Actor)

Trouble in the Glen 1953 (Movie)


Macabre (Movie)


Morning Departure (Movie)

Leading Seaman Kelly (Actor)

The Avenger (Movie)

Eurialo (Actor)