Gibson Avoids Battery Charges

Mel Gibson won’t face battery charges — after police found no evidence the actor attacked a reveler at a Los Angeles nightclub.

The Lethal Weapon star and his pregnant girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva made a rare appearance at the launch of Playhouse on Wednesday.

The couple appeared to be enjoying themselves in the hotspot’s VIP section until a magazine reporter, posing as a fan, took pictures of them, according to

Gibson’s security guards were said to have confiscated the camera and deleted the photos, prompting the relentless journalist to send a male friend to get another shot.

The unidentified man filed a report against the actor, alleging Gibson flew into a rage and attacked the clubgoer before storming out, tearing the man’s shirt.

But police have determined that there is no evidence of battery in the case after witnesses protested that Gibson was not in close enough proximity to grab the alleged victim — because his security team had wedged him in a booth after several attempts were made to get close to the actor.

According to, police are not expected to interview Gibson.

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