Gigi Leung

Born: 03/25/1976


Actor (20)

Wong Ka Yan 2015 (Movie)


Aberdeen 2014 (Movie)

Ceci Kwok (Actor)

Once Upon A Chinese Classic 2010 (Movie)

Xiyu Ambassador (Actor)

Give Love 2009 (Movie)


La Lingerie 2008 (Movie)


The Magic Gourd 2007 (Movie)

Miss Liu (Actor)

Wonder Woman 2007 (Movie)


McDull the Alumni 2006 (Movie)


Driving Miss Wealthy 2004 (Movie)


Sky of Love 2003 (Movie)


Turn Left, Turn Right 2003 (Movie)

Eve Choi (Actor)

La Brassiere 2001 (Movie)


Wode Xiongdi Jiemei 2000 (Movie)

Qi Sitian (Actor)

Sam Dung 1998 (Movie)

Shen Shao-rou (Actor)

Satsau Chi Wong 1997 (Movie)

Kiki (Actor)

True Mob Story 1997 (Movie)


Fei Fu 1996 (Movie)

Minnie Kwan (Actor)

Full Throttle 1995 (Movie)

Yee (Actor)

God of the Gamblers 3: The Early Stage 1995 (Movie)

Hing (Actor)

Love on the Rocks (Movie)



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