Gilette Barbier


Actor (12)

Lourdes 2010 (Movie)

Mme. Hartl (Actor)

L.627 1994 (Movie)

Old Woman (Actor)

The Favour, the Watch, and the Very Big Fish 1992 (Movie)

5th Old Woman (Actor)

Le Moine et la sorciere 1988 (Movie)

Cure's Housekeeper (Actor)

Prunelle Blues 1986 (Movie)


One Sings, the Other Doesn't 1977 (Movie)

Suzanne's Mother (Actor)

Le Gang 1976 (Movie)


Violette et Francois 1976 (Movie)


Out 1: Noli Me Tangere 1970 (Movie)


Camarades 1969 (Movie)

The Mother (Actor)

Une Simple Histoire 1958 (Movie)