Giorgio Gregorini


Wardrobe, Hair & Makeup (25)

Suicide Squad 2016 (Movie)

Wig Supervisor (Wardrobe)

3 Days to Kill 2014 (Movie)

(Hair Stylist)

Hatfields & McCoys 2012 (Tv Show)


The Impossible 2012 (Movie)

(for Maria) (Hair Stylist)

The Tourist 2010 (Movie)

Hair Designer (Hair Stylist)

Angels & Demons 2009 (Movie)

(Hair Stylist)

The Dust of Time 2009 (Movie)

key hair stylist (Hair Stylist)

Fade to Black 2008 (Movie)


Mother of Tears 2008 (Movie)

(Hair Stylist)

The Man Who Loves 2008 (Movie)

(Hair Stylist)

Apocalypto 2006 (Movie)

Hair Supervisor (Hairdresser)

Babel 2006 (Movie)

Key Hair Stylist (Hair Stylist)

The Tiger and the Snow 2006 (Movie)

Chief Hair Stylist (Hair Stylist)

Kingdom of Heaven 2005 (Movie)

(Hair Stylist)

Troy 2004 (Movie)

(Hair Stylist)

Gangs of New York 2002 (Movie)

(Hair Stylist)

Moulin Rouge 2001 (Movie)

(Hair Stylist)

Arabian Nights 1999 - 2000 (TV Show)


Up At the Villa 2000 (Movie)


The Talented Mr. Ripley 1999 (Movie)

(Hair Stylist)

Joseph Conrad's "Nostromo" 1996 - 1997 (TV Show)


Kundun 1997 (Movie)

(Hair Stylist)

Cutthroat Island 1995 (Movie)


Control 1986 - 1987 (TV Show)

Hair Stylist

Dancers 1987 (Movie)

hairstyles assistant (Hair Assistant)